Dividend Stock Portfolio: January 2023

By dai- | Dai's Dividend Portfolio | 31 Jan 2023

I will be starting a new blog series talking about my dividend stock investment. I started getting into stock earlier last year, but just started taking it more seriously starting this January. Focusing solely on dividend stocks and not so much on day trading.

I have decided to diverse my portfolio and invest money outside of crypto due to the nature of crypto and how volatile it can be. Yes, investing in crypto is still something that I still do, however, I cannot solely rely on it. There's too much unpredictability when it comes to crypto and these projects. Thus investing into dividend stocks that has been there for years and years, seems like a safer bet for a financially secure future.

It has been a dream and a mindset of mine to retire by 38. Where I am now currently at the age of 22, about to graduate University - and sent to the professional world, it is the perfect time to be investing for my future. Join me on this journey, where I will share my thoughts, ideas, and even mistakes.

This is not a financial advice, I am also still learning and gathering information as I go. But experience is the best teacher, thus here I am jumping into the field directly while trying to keep my risk as low as possible.


The Goal

Build up portfolio to earn a monthly passive income of $1000.

Have a total of $7000 or more invested in dividend stock by the end of 2023.

$200 minimum will be invested into the portfolio per month.




So far I have divided my portfolio into:

- Dollar General

- JPMorgan Equity Premium Income (JEPI)

- JPMorgan Nasdaq Equity Premium Income (JEPQ)

- Reality Income

- Star Bulk Carriers



I mainly focus on high yield ETFs. Fortunately, as a 22 Year Old, making huge risk is something that I can do, or even encourage to do. Which is why JEPI and JEPQ is currently my top options, being a somewhat safe bet, investing in a very well known company - but also gaining a large amount of yield. I have also diversified by taking low yield stocks such as O and DG, and on the other hand, invest in SBLK with an astounding 20.52% yield.

Dollar General is an odd choice, I would have to admit. I initially invested in DG because the price drastically decreased in mid January and thought I can make a quick profit by selling it in the next couple of days. Despite DG as a company doing financially well and making a large sum of profit, while also backed by trading sites as a good stock to hold - the price continues to plummet. I am currently waiting to break even or earn a small profit before selling it.



JEPQ: 47.3%

JEPI: 24.9%

O: 14%

SBLK: 9.6%

DG: 3.5%







So far this puts the total value of my dividend portfolio at $632.30. Note that I have purposefully excluded my other stock investment, since I deem it irrelevant in terms of this portfolio that I am trying to showcase. 

Currently earning $50 annually, $4.18 monthly, $0.14 daily, and 0.01 hourly. 

Without further investment, where I let my money sit without being touched, I would reach my $1000 monthly goal in 30 years and 101 days.


Do you have any suggestion for dividend stocks to invest in?

How does your portfolio look like?

What tips can you share?



I just started a Twitter account. I will be sharing my thoughts regarding crypto, crypto gaming news, tips and advice, investment opportunities, and even sometimes rambling about the Lakers and how bad they are this year. If you have been a fan of my work, and want to continuously support what I do, consider giving me a follow!


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Dai's Dividend Portfolio
Dai's Dividend Portfolio

Getting $1000 monthly passively and reaching financial freedom. Here I will document my monthly progress and share tips and advice that I learn along the way.

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