Ubisoft Fails To Launch NFT's: Only 15 NFT's Sold

By dai- | Daily News | 29 Dec 2021

Ubisoft earlier this November has announced that they will be integrating NFTs into their games, where players can earn NFT cosmetic items to use in their games. They introduce a new system called Quartz, a platform where all Ubisoft related NFT's will be stored for the players to keep. One of the games that they have mentioned to use this new feature, is their underperforming game riddled with bugs and glitches: Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


Ubisoft will only released these NFTs in a fixed amount, where each NFTs will have a unique engraving on them for everyone to see. These NFTs are will be sellable to other players, where this creates a sense of scarcity for these items. Ubisoft hopes to create a market around their NFTs and build demand to players. If you visit their website right now, Ubisoft are giving away 3 NFTs for free if you register with them and if you own Ghost Recon Breakpoint.


As "enticing" as these 3 NFTs might be, these NFTs are only currently available for those who live in the US, Canada, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Australia, or Brazil.

It has been recently revealed by Eurogamer that Ubisoft has only managed to sell 15 NFTs, which considering Ubisoft reach and audience -- is a huge failure. Despite being hated by the community since its announcement trailers, where it received over 31,000 disliked and only 1,000 likes, Ubisoft double down on this project. They claim that they will continuously improve on this new feature by following their three core principles: "(1) Use the tech responsibly, (2) Build a safe environment, (3) Only leverage energy-efficient proof-of-stake blockchains [and] focus on meaningful value propositions for players that benefit their games."

The main issue with these NFTs that it adds no additional value to what has already been introduced into games before, where players can have a set of items in their inventory and able to keep for the rest of their lives. The addition of NFTs only means that each items are numbered and it is hard for people to get excited about, especially at the current states of NFTs right now.

It is apparent that Ubisoft is trying to be at the forefront in terms of gaming companies incorporating NFTs and the blockchain. Where Ubisoft has mentioned during their annual board meetings that they have a significant interest in blockchains. Ubisoft has invested in Animoca Brand which is a gaming company that heavily focuses on the use of blockchain. This means that Ubisoft's Quartz is only the beginning of something that might perhaps be exciting or scary for the future of the mainstream gaming industry.



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