Going Through a Hard Time

Going Through a Hard Time

By Jane1289 | UpToTrends | 14 Oct 2020

Have you ever felt like every day seems to be a hard time?

"Life is like a wheel, sometimes you're on top, sometimes you're down." It's like a road, sometimes it's straight, sometimes rocky, and sometimes zigzag. And as we travel on it, you navigate your engine carefully to ensure a safe journey and heading to the right destination. But if you missed the right turn, you will suffer the consequences of your actions. "And life is like a series of peaks and valleys." The way seems to be a long arduous trek, but, as you reached the summit, you will be amazed at the beauty on top and will realize how worthy the climb itself.

Once you learn how to pilot your difficult journey, it only proves that you grow as a person. However, people have weaknesses too. And not all can surpass the difficult journey, and not all can go through hard times. But with the help of these tips, you may be able to go through a hard time and you may be able to complete your journey less difficult.

Here are things that will help you handle hard times less difficult:

1. Stay Positive

Being optimistic is vital to get through a hard time. Optimism creates healthy and positive emotions. And if you have positive emotions, you will achieve a healthy and positive lifestyle. It is like the "law of attraction" works for your favor. The main principle of the law of attraction is based on the idea that human's thoughts are made from "pure energy", and the system is "like energy attracts like energy."

Therefore, if you fill your mind with positive thoughts and positive emotions, it is said that you will attract positive opportunities and life experiences by acquiring resonance with the law of attraction. The way you think defines the way you feel and perform, and the outcomes are the things that now exist in your life. So keep yourself optimistic to prevent stress and to boost your motivation to achieve your goal in life, and most importantly, to help you go through a hard time.

2. Resist yourself from thinking negative

If you want to stay positive, it is important to decrease or eliminate the downers in your life. Being pessimistic is unhealthy and it will also make you less focused on handling the task you face. Negative thoughts will only cast down your mood, even affecting your actions, especially your health. And overloading negative thoughts on your mind will only give you emotional distress that may turn into depression. So instead of dwelling on your downers, try to change unhealthy and negative thoughts.

Foster optimism by asking yourself, "are your negative thoughts all true?" Avoid unhealthy self-talk and negative thinking, and try to provide explanations to your questions. "What are the things that give you worries?", "What are the possible ways to address your negative thoughts?", "Is it healthy to bombard your mind with negativity?", " Is it worthy to become pessimistic?"

Letting go of your negative thoughts is the best answer to those questions and filling up your mind with positive thoughts will help you feel better. Do not worry too much, let the problem handle your problems. The real obstacle to positivity is just within your mind. If you will only look on the brighter side of your life, it will help you appreciate the true essence of life, thus, will drive you away from negativity.

3. Laugh at your worries

They said that laughter is the best medicine, and this medicine has been proven effective in overcoming one's difficulties. People tend to focus on things that they don't have which gives them a series of worries on their minds. And once it reaches the state of desperation, it may take the truly outrageous to regain the equilibrium.

If you are having a hard time, try to start your day with a smile and laugh at your negative thoughts and worries. This will help you promote conceptualization and creativity, thus, will help you come up with solutions to your complex problems. If you are thinking too much, you are just putting yourself into a quicksand where it's difficult to escape. So better stop it before it drowns you deeper and deeper, instead, laugh at your worries and problems, release your loudest laugh, and soon you will realize that life is better with a sense of humor.

4. Read positive books, watch positive or funny shows and listen to inspirational/motivational music

Books are powerful as they provide some truths that we are looking for. It also contains inspiring and motivational words to help you see a different perspective that will guide you in your growth - emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Reading books gives a sense of comfort that will touch your soul and your heart, and for a moment, you will realize that everything will going to be okay.

Meanwhile, watching funny shows will boost your positive mood, it will also help you forget your worries at the time being. And watching positive shows give positive ideas and information that may help you overcome your difficulties, it may also give answers to your complex problems, and they convey positive messages that may motivate you to do the right thing and choose the right way.

Moreover, listening to inspirational/motivational music will help you calm your body and your mind. Music is proven to lower stress and depression. It also strengthens memory and elevates mood. Above all, it will make you happier and healthy. So if you feel like you are having a hard time, turn on your music and let it find it's way into your soul. Let it heal your wounds that medicine can not touch. Let it clear your mind full of worries that the world cannot achieve.

5. Accept failure

There are so many things in life that we don't have control over. These include the unsolved problems and things you cannot stop worrying about. There is nothing wrong with accepting failure, in fact, it will help you grow in life. It's just like lifting heavy weights to become physically stronger and enduring the pain to become emotionally stronger. Instead of seeing failure as a hindrance on your way, use it as a tool to improve and opportunity to grow into what you want to be.

6. Ask for help

Hard times are inevitable. Whether we deal with sickness, difficulties, catastrophe, or emotional distress, we need support from others, especially from our family. Asking for help or support is a difficult task to do, so many just want to deal with hard times on their own and be independent-minded. Mostly doesn't want to be judged and are ashamed of the situation, and doesn't want to be called incompetent by others. And some are afraid to be rejected if they ask for help from others.

People are born to rely on each other more than anything else before. And human doesn't have the power to control everything, to solve all the problems, and overcome all difficulties in life. Help may come in a form of family, friends, colleagues, therapists, physicians, or even stranger. And seeking help from your family or friends will strengthen your relationships. You are not alone in this world, so do not hesitate to reach a helping hand when you need it the most.

Life is hard and it is a constant situation in this world. And not every day is a bed of chocolates and roses. As the saying goes, "everything has a reason". It is true, everything happens for a reason. The great pain, trials, crisis, challenges, catastrophe, and all difficulties in life, everything is made for one reason, to look up to God and to let us remember Him.

People only remember God when they are going through the hardest circumstances; when they are in too much pain; when they are in trouble; and when they are about to give up, but when they are in a comfortable life and situation, they seem to missed something important in life, and that is to "pray."

Every time I am going through hard times, that is my most powerful weapon which helps me divert my negative thoughts and enables me to regain my balance. I pray to God to give me a strong mind and body and take me away from negativity. Life is difficult and chaotic and it does not only favor the goodness in this world. Foster optimism so you will attract positive things in this world; avoid negativity and look on the brighter side of your life; motivate and encourage yourself to become strong physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually; practice acceptance to failure as it will help you grow as a person; do not be afraid to ask for help or support because you are just a human, you need it even if you don't admit it; and above all, always remember that prayer is the most powerful weapon and help go through all difficulties and challenges in life.


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