EMRIT Helium HNT Cool Hot Spot Miner! FREE!
Free HotSpot Miner!

EMRIT Helium HNT Cool Hot Spot Miner! FREE!

By Japakar | DailyFaucets | 10 Feb 2021

Getting Started with EMRIT

What is EMRITEMRIT is;

Building the Global IoT Wireless Network

Get a Free CoolSpot™ | Power your City | Earn $$



This program is so simple its hard to believe.  You simply go to EMRIT order a HotSpot or CoolSpot, enter your info and submit!  If they are working within your geographical area they will call you over the phone to verify.  Once verified you should get your HotSpot Miner in about 2 weeks!  Currently there is a backorder on the Miner units (the new versions as well) so keep an eye out the dates for the new batches.  


EMRIT provides everything you need with no costs or hidden fees. (0.00 out of pocket!)

(Below I have a intro on how to set it up!)  



Get your free CoolSpot™ delivered straight to your doorstep. No shipping costs, no hidden fees. EMRIT is the home of the world’s first #HardwareDrop


Connect & Earn


Plug in your CoolSpot™ to a power source and an existing Wifi or ethernet and earn $$ in a digital wallet.  You will earn 20% of what the HotSpot mines.  This is not a bad trade off since you do not have to buy the 400 dollar mining unit yourself just host it.  This only uses a phone charger cord for power, it costs very little to run.   This is EMRITs way of thanking you for building #ThePeople’sNetwork.


Change the world


EMRITs  CoolSpots™ take about the same energy as a single 5W LED light bulb, while allowing billions of smart devices all over the world to get connected. Join our global movement, and change the world today!




Brief intro and unboxing!

Receive your HotSpot Miner!



Everything in the box!

Open the box and read instructions! 
(very simple, download app, create wallet and start HotSpot)


Power cable.


HotSpot Miner itself!


Assembled Unit! 

Once This was opened and put together I had to download the app
(link included with the Miner) 

The app will create a wallet (WRITE DOWN YOUR KEYS) and connect the HotSpot!

Enter your new wallet at EMRIT for payments.  That is literally all you need to do, it takes about 48 hours to Sync to the Blockchain and then you are earning!

Helium wallet Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.helium.wallet&hl=en_US&gl=US

Helium Wallet iOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/helium-hotspot/id1450463605

Helium Explorer, see if they are in your town!  https://explorer.helium.com/
(Scroll down once on main page)

YouTube Walkthrough Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PRfrve9YWeo


*3/30/2021 Links Updated*

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