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Altilly Exchange Hacked - Update

By Japakar | DailyFaucets | 26 Dec 2020

12/28/2020 - UPDATE
Now recommended you check the main Altilly website as they finally have some info up!

- Update


What is going on?

Altilly got hacked recently in week 52 of 2020 and we lost all access to our servers. We are still investigating the damage that has been caused. There is still a chance that all data might be recovered, depending on our hosting provider. We are working round the clock together with our hosting provider to recover data.

KYC details have never touched our servers and therefore have not been compromised or obtained by the hackers.

What can you do? Stay calm and give us at least 48-72 hours to evaluate the situation. Updates will be posted on this page.


Regardless if there servers are recovered, they lost full access.  Current wallets have no info for where it belongs.  Unless some kind of miracle happens, we are screwed.  The money is going to be bound up for years if they can even figure it out.  For now, I would write this off as gone and hope it goes to some kind of court system to divvy whatever is left out.  (if they can figure who owns what)



Info on some of the wallets was released.  

During the migration as mentioned in update 1, we have been able to save a few assets. Unfortunately, without the database, it is impossible to know what belongs to who. We are still doing our best to recover data from our provider to get access to the database and all wallets. The following assets are recovered and safe. Each asset at Altilly had 2 wallets, one for deposits and the other for withdrawals. The ** denotes wallets that only had the deposit or withdrawal wallet moved. These were in process of being moved at time of the hack.

afro alias anon argoneum bare betller beyondcoin bitblocks bitcoincashslp bitcoindiamond bitcoinz bitzyon crystaleumwd dapscoin deeponion deflacash dextro dms euno evergreen fanaticos fdreserve fedoracoin fourtytwo ftscoin ftscoinwd** galilel garlic garlicdep gobyte goldcash horizen hush ilcoinwd jackpot knoxfs lightbit livenodes malware mchain mcpcoin merebel metrix mintcoin modic moneybyte monkey mooncoindep** neet nestegg ninja noir odinycoin paccoin peony piratecash pwrb qnode qtum rapids ravendark reddcoindep** rpicoindep** safedeal securecloud seed2need shard sharkcoin smartcashdep** sovereign spacecoin stealth sugarchain swampcoin terracoin trezar turbo ultraclear ultragate vanillacash wrkzcoin** x42 xchainz zcore zelantus zelcash zeroone


Slight update, just more bad news.  It seems things just keep getting worse.  
Direct from Altilly

Update: 26th of December 2020 - 01:25 CET

Dear Altilly users,

Earlier this week on the 23rd. We noticed suspicious activities on our Altilly servers.

There were 3 servers that suspiciously rebooted around the same time. After checking the servers, we noticed unusual activity and a new system user had been created on our servers. It appears that these systems were hacked above OS level using recue mode during the reboot. Since we were unsure exactly what happened, we decided to start working on movings things over to a new hosting provider.

Late night on the 25th or early morning on the 26th, we were again alerted to another system reboot. While we were checking into that, we lost access to our servers at our current hosting provider. This includes the production webservers, the databases, and wallets. It appears that a request came in via the hosting client portal to delete all servers on the account.

We are unsure of what the outcome will be until the hosting company has done their audit and checks to see if data is recoverable. We will post additional information here when we have more info.


Update: 26th of December 2020 - 10:41 CET

It appears that our offsite storage account was also compromised using the API keys from the backup program on the affected servers. All backup files at that location were removed. It should be assumed that the hacker(s) have access to these backups, as there was download activity from that account prior to deletion. We do have a ticket in with this provider to see if anything can be recovered.



It looks as though everything is still up in the air at this point and that they seem to of lost control to quite a bit of their service.  (if not all of it)

There will probably be no certain news right away as they cant even check themselves and are waiting on help from others.  



For the most up to date info:

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