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Market Wrap: Bitcoin Dips to $11.6K, ETH Options Predict Price Below $400 by End of Year!

by coindesk.com
Bitcoin’s price is trending down while ether options traders expect bearish moves to come. ...

Uber’s Former Security Chief Charged With Trying to Conceal Hack Using Bitcoin!

by coindesk.com
Joseph Sullivan allegedly insisted the hackers sign NDAs in exchange for $100,000 in bitcoin hush money....

Bitcoin Mining Facility With Room for 50,000 Rigs Set to Launch in Kazakhstan!

by coindesk.com
The 180-megawatt facility that will be able to host 50,000 bitcoin mining rigs is set to launch sometime in early September....

Ethereum Classic Labs Plans ‘Defensive Mining’ Strategy as Hashrate Plummets!

by coindesk.com
The network’s hashrate has fallen 74% since January. ...

Blockchain Bites: Bitcoin’s Weary Bulls, ETC’s Action Plan, INX’s IPO!

by coindesk.com
INX is gearing up for a landmark IPO while 1 billion tether jumped from Tron to Ethereum....

Bitcoin News Roundup for Aug. 21, 2020!

by coindesk.com
With bitcoin still pulling back and LND learning to wumbo, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back for your latest crypto news roundup!...

0x Price Hits Two-Year High on Hopes Falling Ethereum Fees Will Spur DEX Trading!

by coindesk.com
Markets excited by the prospect of declining ETH fees may have caused a surge in 0x, an Ethereum-based DEX that will benefit from decongestion. ...

First Mover: Wacky Bitcoin-to-DeFi Crypto Markets Might Be New Home of Capitalism!

by coindesk.com
Cryptocurrency markets from bitcoin to DeFi might be full of rampant speculation, but they also might be keeping the fires of capitalism lit....

Bitcoin Options Open Interest Nears All Time High – But Rise in Puts Could Presage Drop!

by coindesk.com
While soaring open interest can be a sign of a continuing trend, the offloading of calls suggests bitcoin could correct further....

Bitcoin in Cuba: A Local YouTube Influencer Explains How It Works!

by coindesk.com
Bitcoin in Cuba is "growing and gaining strength," according to YouTube influencer Erich García Cruz. Here's how Cubans are using crypto....

Swiss Crypto Firms Say First Automated, AML-Compliant Bitcoin Transfer Completed!

by coindesk.com
The new bitcoin transaction automatically complies with the FATF Travel Rule and will save intermediaries from doing it all manually. ...


Winners and losers


Top 5 winners


Name                             Price (USD)

OMG Network 6.23852028664 delta-green.png 7.82841

Crypto.com Coin 0.168673920413 delta-green.png 2.91114

Tether 1.00452913257 delta-green.png 0.341935

USD Coin 1.00115039328 delta-green.png 0.0932984

[UNUS SED LEO] 1.2648491749 delta-green.png 0.000412927


Top 5 losers


Name                             Price (USD)

Chainlink 13.8904630561 delta-red.png -12.95

TRON 0.0243642851733 delta-red.png -11.2811

Tezos 3.39033085015 delta-red.png -11.0729

Cosmos 5.62950583387 delta-red.png -10.9802

Monero 92.6392378358 delta-red.png -9.19473


Other great coins


Name                                Price (USD)

Cardano 0.123755293801 delta-red.png -6.99309

Steem 0.239025414147 delta-red.png -1.59594

Hive 0.247510848959 delta-red.png -6.49419

Bitcoin 11576.8806751 delta-red.png -2.43644

Ethereum 388.613598322 delta-red.png -6.60663


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