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Doctor Who to Enter the Cryptoverse as BBC Plans Trading Card Game on Ethereum Blockchain!

by coindesk.com
BBC Studios has licenced its iconic show Dr. Who to U.K.-based Reality Gaming Group to build a digital trading card game on the ethereum blockchain.

Market Wrap: Stuck at $11.5K, Bitcoin Surpasses 25K Locked in DeFi!

by coindesk.com
A dull bitcoin market contrasts with increasing use of the cryptocurrency in DeFi applications. ...

Writing Bitcoin Smart Contracts Is About to Get Easier With New Coding Language!

by coindesk.com
Bitcoin smart contracts are tricky. Minsc, a new language created by Bitcoin developer Nadav Ivgi, is making them easier to write....

How DeFi ‘Degens’ Are Gaming Ethereum’s Money Legos!

by coindesk.com
From first heartbeat to last breath, YAM lasted less than 48 hours. But those are the rules of DeFi’s newest toy: “minimally viable monetary experiments.”...

Preston Pysh on Why We’ve Entered a Fundamentally New Era of Bitcoin Accumulation!

by coindesk.com
The prominent podcaster and bitcoin advocate joins The Breakdown to explain why we’re seeing a phase shift in the corporate and institutional relationship with BTC....

Blockchain Bites: Coinbase’s Loans, Ethereum’s Fees, YAM’s Bug!

by coindesk.com
Ethereum fees and miners' profits are at all-time highs. Coinbase is offering bitcoin-backed loans and the Tor Network is subject to a crypto scam. ...

Mining Firm Hut 8 Reports 28% Drop in Q2 Revenue Following Bitcoin Halving!

by coindesk.com
Bitcoin mining firm Hut 8 reported a sharp drop in revenue. However, the rising value of the firm's BTC holdings helped it finish the quarter in the black....

Bitcoin News Roundup for Aug. 13, 2020!

by coindesk.com
With the price of BTC bouncing and ETH miners on the rise, CoinDesk's Markets Daily is back for your news roundup! ...

US Prosecutors Seize Bitcoin Allegedly Tied to Al Qaeda, ISIS, Hamas!

by coindesk.com
The U.S. Department of Justice is trying to seize bitcoin from 155 addresses it alleges were used by Al Qaeda to fund terrorism....

New Jersey Man Accused of Paying $20K in Bitcoin to Have Sex Crimes Victim Killed!

by coindesk.com
A New Jersey sex offender is now accused of paying a hitman in bitcoin to murder his 14-year-old victim....


Winners and losers


Top 5 winners


Name                               Price (USD)

TRON 0.0225390816694 delta-green.png 10.6479

Ethereum 430.010111898 delta-green.png 9.8279

Chainlink 17.2876580861 delta-green.png 5.49287

Litecoin 57.7158303275 delta-green.png 4.91826

XRP 0.297407337446 delta-green.png 4.46714


Top 5 losers


Name                                 Price (USD)

Tezos 4.16955282201 delta-red.png -4.14236

VeChain 0.019767702918 delta-red.png -4.08044

IOTA 0.380184119295 delta-red.png -1.44576

USD Coin 1.0053612235 delta-green.png 0.236251

Stellar 0.102218915272 delta-green.png 0.360717


Other great coins


Name                                 Price (USD)

Cardano 0.141330166688 delta-green.png 2.89902

Steem 0.228948161304 delta-green.png 3.61959

Hive 0.263123895173 delta-green.png 4.58837

Bitcoin 11783.8219235 delta-green.png 1.62036


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