Biggest Celebrity NFT FAILS

By dai- | Daily News | 28 Jan 2023

Despite a decrease in mainstream attention towards the nonfungible token market in 2022, a number of well-known and wealthy individuals still released poorly-received collections in the space. In this article we will showcase celebrities that make NFTs that just reeks scam and designed to milk gullible fans.

Justin Bieber - InBetweeners


Justin Bieber NFT Database - Truth in Advertising

Oof look at that shameless plug.

Initial mint price cost 0.27 ETH, garnering over 12,164 ETH in volume at it's peak. It was popular for the time being, although now sales has dried up for quiet awhile, even though Justin keeps on promoting it on his socials. Now minting price costs -30% less, and wouldn't be considered a complete failure in comparison to other celebrities projects. 


Tekashi69 - Trollz

Trollz NFT Presented By 6ix9ine Will Give Back To Holders, Charities


Trollz NFT failed horribly, where at it's peak managed to get 1.03k SOL on total volume, and now sits about 0.02 SOL in total. Where it's minting price has plummeted to a whopping -99%. What was interesting is that Takeshi himself said that it was a cash grab, and promised that his next project would do better.

I want to apologize -- I apologize because I jumped into the NFT community without knowing what a NFT was ... I wasn't well-informed. It was a paid partnership that I took advantage of. What makes [Gine] so different is it's not a paid partnership. It's my own brand. There's a powerful team behind this.

This is the statement he released regarding the status of his project, and at the same time, served as an announcement to his next project, what a marketing genius!

6ix9ine launches Gine NFT collection months after Trollz NFT “scam” claims  - Dexerto

Well surprise, surprise, his next project didn't do so well either. Where the original minting price was 0.22 ETH, now it has dropped by -85% to 0.035 ETH. 


Ellen DeGeneres - Woman With Stick Cat


The whole idea of the project was to support charity, what made the project such a big failure was, well the most important factor of an NFT - the art. As you can tell from the picture, Ellen barely put any effort into the whole project. The project managed to gain $33,455 having with less than a 100 people who actually bought these NFTs. The most expensive NFT's which is the gold edition that only have 10 mints, only 5 of them were bought for $2,500 each.


John Cena - John Cena NFT

WWE on Twitter: "The next @JohnCena NFT drop is live RIGHT NOW on! @bitski" / Twitter


John Cena attempted to capitalize on his fame from wrestling and acting by selling an NFT collection, but it was not successful. He offered 500 gold package NFTs for $1000 each, but only 37 were sold, resulting in $37,000 in total sales. Even his second-tier collection did not perform well, only bringing in $21,000. Cena admitted in an interview that the project was a failure and acknowledged that the pricing was incorrect.

Admittedly, in comparison to other celebrity NFT projects, John's actually look quiet professional - something that belongs in the WAX blockchain even, alongside with pop funkos and those hot wheels NFTs. Additionally, it wasn't his idea in the first place, but WWE, capitalizing on his fame and wanting to make some sweet profit out of it.

I was super proud of this. I love the design. It's one of those instances where I put my heart and soul and did the design and was really close with the work and pieces and market research. 'Yes, it seems fair, I think it will be good.' It sucked. I took a chance and missed. I'm sorry because it's obvious that people like the design, but it's way too much," John Cena concluded. 

Perhaps there might be a chance of reviving it in the future? for now, the future of the project is nowhere to be seen.


Melania Trump - MelaniaNFT

NFT Collections | Melania Trump


Yes, lets put Melania wearing a white dress on a white background, said the designer. The NFT was launched to commemorate the administration's first state visit to France. Where allegedly, some of the portion of the proceeds would be used to support children from the foster care community, I'm not sure why she didn't mention what foundation or what specific community she's trying to help support, but in the end, it didn't matter anyway. Somehow was sold for 1800 SOL which was worth $185,000 at the time. After some digging, the media figured out that the person who bought it, was HERSELF. Where the buyer's address was sent the 1800 SOL from another address that minted the NFT.


Logan Paul - CryptoZoo


How can we forget the Godfather of scamming and manipulation. YouTube personality Logan Paul, known for promoting merchandise aggressively, stated that he spent $1 million on his CryptoZoo project, which involved NFTs that were supposed to allow collectors to breed and hatch hybrid creatures. However, tweets emerged suggesting that he had used stock images from Adobe and edited them for his collection. The NFTs also experienced significant price drops, falling as much as 96%. Additionally, Paul is facing accusations of promoting the Dink Donk coin to his followers, despite allegedly being involved in its creation.

Although, Logan Paul recently stated that he would be working on the project once more to try and meet the promises he made, we can't ignore the fact that he did still attempt to pump and dump this project alongside the CryptoZoo team. Somehow, throughout all these controversies, Logan Paul still comes out on top.



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