What To Do, If A Fish Thorn Stuck In Your Throat?

By Nightmare | Daily LifeStyle Blog | 24 Aug 2019

Hello friends. Hope all of you are well today.
I am going to share a important tips today.
If a fish thorns stuck in the throat, we have different ways to get it down. Some of them the ways works, but some are not.
Well, let's talk about some working home solutions.

If you have a thorn in your throat, Drink Lightly warm water with salt. The thorns will become soft and get down.

Are you want to clean your throat by rice? Then do one thing,
Make some small balls and swallow the balls with water. Do not chew it.

Eat a banana. It is more easier way then rice.
You will see, the throat will be clean without notice.

Take a slice of lemon,
Squeeze lemon juice with salt and eat.
The thorns become soft and it Will go down.

Drink a some olive oil.

If none of the above work to you
Talk to a homeopath

Thanks to you for being with me. stay tuned.

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