Save Your Phone From Unauthorized Entry Via Fingerprint Lock When You Sleep. A Simple App Review.

By Nightmare | Daily LifeStyle Blog | 25 Aug 2019


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We are living in age of modernism. Our smart phones become more smarter than before. Finger print lock is now a common function of smart phone. Everyone use this feature for safety. But when you sleep, anyone can unlock your phone by your finger print. Did you face any problem like this? If you don't know how to protect your phone from unwanted entry than read this post. If you know about this trick before than share this to other friends.

To safe you privacy, you have to install a small app in your phone from play store. The app size is only 18kb.


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After install this app, activate device administrator and click the app icon. Now your fingerprint could not able to unlock your phone without password or pattern.

You can disable this app when you want.

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