How to know the mail receiver read your mail or not?

How to know the mail receiver read your mail or not?

By Nightmare | Daily LifeStyle Blog | 14 Sep 2019

Almost everyday we have to send mail. We can easily understand that, our mail sending is successful or not. But we can not know, the receiver view our mail or not. Today I am going to share a post about this. We just need a browser extension for that.



The process we have to follow:

1. At first login to your mail via Brave or other browser.

2. Now enter the link bellow.

You will see "Download for free" button.

3. Click on it and you will see a pop up menu. Click Add to Chrome to add this to your browser.

4. Now a new page will be opened.

5. Now press Connect with Google button.Google will ask you for your permit. Press Allow button. Now you will see a new page. Click Free box in here.

6. After click Free box, a page will be open. Click Go to Gmail button in here. A  mailtrack Extension will be Installed in you gmail.


How you know the receiver read your mail or not?

After add the extension, login to your mail. Now sent a mail to some one. Go to your sent items. You will see two green mark besides your mail. If the reciver read your mail, the green mark will be white.


Hope this post is useful to all of you. Thanks for being with me. Stay tuned.


I love crypto. I am here to learn something and share something important. I am not the best but I try my best. I also need some support from you friends. Thanks.

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