How To Cool The House Without AC Easily

By Nightmare | Daily LifeStyle Blog | 23 Aug 2019

Hello friends, Hope all of you are well. You already know about the topics. The heat is unstable almost everyone in hot summer. We have to suffer a lot for heat. Not everyone's home has AC, or has no ability to purchase AC,

Many of us has no high air facilities in the house. As a result, ventilation of house not cold enough.
Many people are stay near the roof and it takes too much heat, At the end of the day, the room become hot like stove.
So let's see a easy trick to get rid of this problem.

Is there a table fan in the room? If the answer is no, just buy a table fan.
Because this is a table fan will be your AC. And surely in the house, a fridge is available too.


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**Whatever it takes-***
Just a small bowl of ice cubes and a table fan.

**What to do-**
Open a window of the room.
Place a table fan in front of it. Make sure the front side of the fan is facing inside the room.
The fan helps you to drag the cold air from outside.
Now put some ice cubes in a bowl and place the bowl at the face of the fan. Make sure the air of fan pass through the ice.

And then watch the magic. If you on the fan for sometimes the heat of your room asolutely disappeared! Not just disappear,
The house Become cool As long as there is ice in the bowl.
The spirit will remain even the ice melts. Nevertheless he house won't be hot.



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