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By Nightmare | Daily LifeStyle Blog | 4 Sep 2019

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When you see the title of the post "to control yourself in anger", it means that you are aware of yourself, that is very positive. Your move will boost you forward.

Anger is a normal part of our emotions. But when it crosses certain boundaries it is no longer a natural matter. It needs control in time. Otherwise it could damage your personal, family, career and social life.

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Let's see some easy ways to follow for anger management:-
Step 01
Count some numbers in reverse format:
Usually we ask kids to practice this when they are want to sleep. But do you know, when you are very angry, start counting 100 to 0. Your anger power will be greatly reduced! If you do not believe it, try it!

Step 02
Clear the anger:
Many times we are able to control our anger for some time. But it stays inside. And this depressed anger affects the body and mind. So when you are feeling a bit calm after crossing the state of excitement, calm the anger down. Explain to whom you are angry about. However, take care not to impose restraint on the person or hurt him in any way.

Step 03
When you feel very angry for some reason, leave the place and try to do some walking, running or favorite physical exercises for 3-5 minutes. It increases the oxygen supply to your brain and helps you to relax.

Step 04
Before you say anything in anger, think first:
Usually in the time of anger we tell many things for which later we have to regret. Or we just mentally hit someone. So think once before saying something in the time of anger. Because you can not take back the word you told once. Take 5 minutes before saying anything. Gather your thoughts and ask yourself one last time whether you really want to talk!

Step 05
Think about possible solutions:
Angry decisions often suffer us later. So think of a possible solution to meet up the matter. For example, your husband often does not return to dinner. This may be because he is busy with office work and he can't. It is normal for you to be angry. But is this can solved by shouting to him? Rather, a possible solution would be to practice eating alone for a few days in a week, and the rest of the day with him, and especially one day in a week, both can dinner together. Think of a solution like this. It will work Must.

Step 06
Say the words, but little differently:
Express anger, don't hold it inside. But try it little differently. For example, if your partner is too lazy and does not help you with any chores. Then you can told him two words like this "I do all the chores in house, you don't do anything". But can make your partner upset. So rather, you can say like this, "I feel very upset when you do not cooperate with me and I have to set up the house alone". Your partner will realize what to do next and your anger will be under controlled.

Step 07
Though this is not easy, but think once, everyone in the neighborhood will not be like you. It is foolishness if think that no one will harm you because you did not harm anyone. Leave themselves in the hands of nature, not punishing someone by yourself. Judge yourself by shout angrily once and another day by forgiveness, at which point you get more satisfaction?

Step 08
Be a self-adviser
When you are very angry tell yourself a few times, 'calm down', 'all will be well', 'these are part of life' ... try to control yourself. This autosuggestion will help to control your anger a lot.

Step 09
Get expert advice:
If none of the above works for you, consult a psychiatrist. His advice will help you overcome this situation.

At last of the post I request you guys to
Be angry, but do not let it go out of your control. Make a healthy expression of emotion, stay healthy.

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Be good stay with good.

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