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Since I have been playing Splinterlands for now around 3 months, I thought I could share my thoughts on the daily quests. In these 3 months, I grinded on 2 different accounts. One is bronze 1 and the second is bronze 2. 

We are going to start things off with the "Fire Quest". My most favorite one:


When you start with Splinterlands and haven't bought any Splinter you have to fire splinter to choose of: 

Malric Inferno             




In my opinion, using Malric is mostly the better option since he enhances the power of each melee monster. Therefore I use mostly full melee comps when playing with Malric. Here some examples:


The only time I use Pyre is when I am facing other fire players. Because the empowered movement speed sometimes decide which serpentine spy kills the other first.  

Team comps

When thinking about how to build my team I have an order how to approach this decision. 

  • First I take a brief look at what my opponent is playing normally. For example, if the majority of games were played with magic monsters, Living Lava would lose a lot of its value, since magic ignores armor. In such cases, I like to use Cerberus.
  • Afterwards, I check if the other player uses sneak, opportunity, or blast minions. The strongest minon in this team is Serpentine Spy: c0107b0ab1951ec5a6bf3fdd655d83e4a71cdc827cc44e61b59cf671b4719473.png

Boosted he deals 3 dmg and when smartly protected, he can single-handedly take out the entire enemy team. Because of this, it is very important how to place him. Since most players, I encounter mostly use fire teams I have to guard against blast and opportunity. Therefore I use Elven Cutthroat. With her 1 health, she attracts opportunity creeps and on 2nd positioning, she also blocks blast monsters. 


  • If any points are left I would use Kobold Miner. Dealing 2 damage (when boosted) can decide the battle in your favor.


Other good cards to use if you have higher mana caps would be fire elemental or grumpy dwarf.  


If you have points to add or another opinion please feel free to text me in the comment section. Wish you a good week and we will meet at my next post. 

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Daily grind in Splinterlands
Daily grind in Splinterlands

This is gona to be a summarise of the exhausting journey, which each daily quest provide. #Pay2Win

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