The Daily Color Challenge

By Lloyd Duhon | Daily Colors | 23 Sep 2019

Creative people often explore different mediums for their expression. Here at Daily Colors, we will explore the intersection of writing and photography. Each day of the week, authors and photographers will present a different color. Take an original photograph and tell a 300 words or fewer story.

What emotion does the image invoke? Tell us. Was a memory recalled? Share the story. Inspired to write fiction? Go for it!

The only unbreakable rules are: post your ORIGINAL photo and story for the color of the day, on the correct day. The colors for the day line up with the awesome photo from Markus Spiske, which was chosen for this publication’s background image and logo.

  • Sunday: Yellow or White
  • Monday: Orange or Gold
  • Tuesday: Red or Copper
  • Wednesday: Green or Grey
  • Thursday: Indigo or Black
  • Friday: Purple or Silver
  • Saturday: Blue or Pink

I am inspired by color challenges found in other online journals and writing prompt resources. I believe that Publish0x deserves a blog where writers and photographers who would like to challenge themselves to present a daily image and story have a place to do so. If you are up to the challenge, sign up at our online form.

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Daily Colors
Daily Colors

A themed exploration of color from everyday life. Photos and writing combine to evoke emotion and tell the story behind the photo.

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