BTC daily graph analytics What will be next? Will we achieve 100k$ before 2022??

Here we are again no one knows where Bitcoin will go .

Here is the daily analytics of bitcoin .So Bitcoin is in a consolidation .What is consolidation?

" Consolidation is generally interpreted as market indecisiveness" How a lot of people know the consolidation near a support is a good break of the support signal. But still it is not enough to make any decisions for future BTC actions 


What we need to break this support line and exit the consolidation ?We need a buyer that have enough power to buy the support line at 49500$. At this circumstance im not taking any big trading positions but just waiting for a good bullish signal .

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When i will see a good bullish signal i will make a post about it .Have a great day ;)



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Im an old crypto user and also i own a mining farm, i participate in a lot of crypto events and i can teach you what i know

Daily bitcoin analysis
Daily bitcoin analysis

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