Airdrop Connectome (CNTM) On Telegram

What is $CNTM?
Connectome (CNTM) is a coin that uses ethereum platform technology which has a supply of 1 billion tokens and we can see it on etherscan (click here to see more). For price analysis, we can look through the CoinMarketCap tracking website or we can see the prices as below.


Starting on January 14th, 2023, $CNTM experienced a very significant increase in price from a recent price of around $0.09 to a peak of almost $0.14 on January 17th, noon. Even though it decreased at the end of the evening, it cannot be denied that until now $CNTM can still be said to have experienced a large increase. For exchange, the token has been registered on the Bittrex and OKX exchanges.


$CNTM Price on CG.


So here is a brief explanation of the $CTM Airdrop at this point.

  • Total Reward : 800 BUSD & $800 worth of CNTM
  • Winners :
    • 2 BUSD each for 400 randomly selected participants
    • $4 worth of CNTM each for Additional 100 Random winners
    • $10 worth of CNTM each for top 40 refferers
  • Distribution : Around January 22, 2023 or Last day on this month


Step 1, Follow The Airdrop

Follow the link below to go to Telegram and Start a Bot.

or you can also help me by clicking the link below.

Visit the link above until the image below appears. Then press the "Start" button.



Step 2, Complete Tasks


Click start and complete the caphca code as shown in image one. After that a description of the prize will appear and press continue in picture 2. In picture 3 will display the tasks that must be done to participate in the Airdrop. Next, I will type below the tasks and links on the Telegram bot.

Task :

  • Join Connectome Telegram Group | here
  • Follow Connectome on Twitter, Like, Re:tweet pinned post & tag 3 friends | here
  • Join Advertiser Telegram Channel | here
  • Follow Advertiser Twitter, Like and Retweet the airdrop post | here

Please do the task correctly because they will select participants who actually complete the task.

Step 3, Submit Details

After completing the task, please send proof of assignment details according to what they want, by pressing the "Submit Details" button in figure 3.


Then press "Done" if you have joined the $CNTM Group as shown in picture 4. Next, type your profile link as shown in picture 5, then send. Next, join the AirdropInspector Group to see the Airdrop announcement and talk to friends who have participated there as shown in figure 6, then return to the telegram bot and press "Done". After that, please follow Airdrop Inspector's Twitter, then follow them and like and retweet their pinned posts about $CNTM.

Step 4, Input ERC-20 Ethereum Address

After that, you can copy your ethereum address that can accept ERC-20 tokens as shown below.


For those of you who are beginners or laymen in starting to enter the crypto world, I recommend that you use one of the 2 wallets below. Especially for "Trust Wallet", please look for Ethereum coins then press "receive", then copy the address.


Step 5, End

After that you will be shown an image like the image below. This means you have finished and become one of the participants in this Airdrop. Please keep following the Telegram Group for more information.


That's the Airdrop this time, I know that not everyone will win and get prizes. But never give up hope and always never give up. Always try, because luck doesn't always stay away. Although I also expect the prize to be in my wallet, but hopefully that will be a sure thing (my pocket is always dry). Ok guys, Bye.

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