Daily Affirmations - 01 April, 2020

I've taken a few days away from the computer hence not really posting anything for the last 4 or 5 days. It was a much needed break in these trying times and enjoyable to spend all my time with my wife and son with no interruptions, but I'm back now.

Hey everyone - I try to keep up with doing daily affirmations in my personal life, so I've decided to add some daily affirmations for you all to read, hopefully as a useful reminder to stay positive, especially some days when we may need one.

I refuse to force myself to waste energy just to making others happy. My mental health is of utmost importance. When I am strong and confident I will pass that along to friends and family without coercion to my well being. 

If you're ever feeling down about yourself, or life in general, try adding these into your daily routine. Reading these every day will help strengthen your mental fortitude. Follow me and check back each day to read the next one. Try reading them aloud to yourself. It truly will help!

I've decided to try to add another layer of mindfulness by hopefully bringing a smile to you with a daily joke after the daily affirmation. 

  • Joke of the day

How many Germans does it take to screw in a light bulb?

One. They are efficient and the situation does not call for humor.

Happy April Fool's Day to everyone. Did you play any pranks on your spouse, friends or co-workers?

Peace and love to you all! Stay safe out there, things may be getting worse before they get better friends. 

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Daily Affirmations - Crypto Edition!
Daily Affirmations - Crypto Edition!

I'll deliver some daily affirmations to aid us all in improving our mindsets and pushing towards reaching our goals! Daily affirmations are a great way to maintain your mental fortitude! Repeat them aloud to yourself!

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