The Adventurer’s Respite: A Crypto Daemonic Epic Tale

By 0xSwego | Daemons | 25 Sep 2022

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Even the greatest of adventurers need some rest…

The weary traveler, torn both in body and soul, looks far in the distance. Their eyes, light up as they spot a shimmering light in the distance—finally, a shelter to spend the night. The small taverns shimmering lanterns were barely visible in the twilight, but for the adventurer, they were as bright as the desert’s scorching sun. Pushing the worn-out wooden door, their eyes are greeted with a small, barely lit area. Despite the remote location and small space, the tables and chairs are surprisingly cozy. The tavern owner approaches with a plate; meat, potatoes, and mead.

As they slowly indulge themselves in their savory meal and enjoy the warmth of the nearby hearth, they can’t help but feel a slightly ominous feeling. Like something terrible is about to happen but they can’t point a finger at it. Lost in their thoughts, they have not noticed the dwarf approaching them. “Cheerio, stranger! You don’t seem familiar, haven’t seen you around these parts before”. The adventurer nods reluctantly while the jolly dwarf continues its blabbering. “Somethin’s troublin’ ye ain’t it? I can see it in yer eyes lad.”

The adventurer points at their backpack. They explain that this is the loot and rewards they carried over from their recent venture deep into the Daemon’s caverns. “I am afraid that now that this treasure has been in my possession, I might never be able to go for another adventure anymore”, they explain. “Who is going to take care of my treasure while I’m gone? I can’t stay on guard or away from adventure forever, but I can’t seem to find a way.” “Well, you’ve found the right dwarf! Follow me…”, the dwarf chuckles while he slowly slips into a shadowy backroom behind the bar. The adventurer hesitates, but curiosity got the best of him.

As you enter the backroom, you notice a hooded figure swinging on a chair’s back legs. “I’d like you to meet, the Executor! He is the best around and probably will take care of business for you”, says the dwarf while leaving the room. “I’ll leave you two to your business”. The hooded man settles down, stabs the wooden table with a dagger that appeared out of seemingly nowhere, and asks: “What is it that you wish to be taken care of? I am the Executor, and I can do anything… for the right price”. The adventurer hesitates at first but musters the courage to state their demands. “I just returned from the Daemon’s dungeon and I wish for a safe place to store the spoils while I am gone. I also signed some Daemonic contracts that someone has to keep an eye on. They should only be executed at the right time and I don’t want them failing while I am gone.” “Quite the demands there, adventurer, but the Executor is not one to disappoint its customers. Let me show you what we can do…”


First, you have to head to

and then choose the chain you prefer:

You can utilize the automated script execution DApp on any of our supported chains.

“Think of this as the type of service you want us to give you”, says the rogue with a smirk.

In order to be able to send transactions on-chain, you have to provide a valid and compatible-with-the-chain RPC Url. This can be provided in both WSS and HTTPS RPC URLs, but HTTPS seems to be the most stable, so we suggest using that. You can get free RPCs with Alchemy (300m calls/month) or Infura (100k calls/day).

“I’ll also need an instruction manual for all those scripts. Or at least someone to contact who has the know-how to execute them.”

cbc6e816382c94fb0e733f0e1b1203b86074d0325e564bf5e3830196ad0c2ee7.pngYou need to specify a wallet address where the DAEM tokens are going to be sent after the executor initiates scripts. This can be whatever address you want. In case you don’t want to use your main wallet address, you can always create a new one using the throwaway wallet generation option below. Make sure you write down the private key before moving on! You will not be able to claim your DAEM tokens if you lose this information! The wallet defined by the private address will be used for the required gas for script execution. For more info visit our documentation.

“I’ll need an address. I know, I know, you will be on the move and difficult to contact but… we have our ways of doing things. Just give me one and I’ll make sure whatever profits from your treasury management will reach you. No, I won’t tell you how we do it. They’re secrets of the trade! Hehehe…”

5669074e35ea1f7a98a3063120c9f03e261cc34510d541f7cf5f6e203751f9c5.pngYou can also customize the script-execution and reward-claiming procedures to your liking using the ‘Claim Interval’ and ‘Throttle’ options

“We can also work at your own desired pace, so if you have any specific requests please point them out in the blank space below. If you are done, you can sign at the bottom and our agreement is sealed.”

As the adventurer signs the agreement, they can’t shake off the feeling of relief. Finally, they can be at ease and take a well-earned rest, while the mysterious “Executor” takes care of your treasures. Let’s see how that goes!


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