ProBit-Learn & Earn quizz answers for Edelcoin(EDLC)

By dadazi | dadazi | 31 Aug 2023

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Here are the questions and answers:


1. What is EDLC ?

    B. A digital currency that represents the tokenization of metals.


2. What sets EDLC apart from other digital currencies?

    A. It is backed by a basket of precious and base metals, providing a stable and secure foundation for the currency.


3. What percentage of actual metals is embodied by each Edelcoin in terms of reserve?

    A. 125%


4. Why is EDLC considered a secure store of value?

    C. It is supported by a basket of metals, providing a stable and secure foundation for the currency.


5. What does EDLC offer as a stable payment token?

    A. It allows for fast and secure transactions, with minimized risk of the volatility of traditional cryptocurrencies and or fiat currencies.


6. What is the benefit of EDLC being compliant with Swiss regulations?

    B. It ensures that EDLC meets the highest standards of security and transparency.


7. How can EDLC help ordinary people in their trades and savings?

    B. By offering a stable and secure solution for trading goods and services and saving for the future.


8. How can you benefit by joining the EDLC community?

    C. You can connect with other users, experts, and enthusiasts, share insights, ask questions, and stay updated on the latest developments. 


This campaign will end on September 7, 2023, at 11:00 (UTC+3) but i suggest you do it as soon as you can.


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