5 Free Crypto Resources Everyone Should Know about!

By D4rk0s0x | D4rk0s | 19 Mar 2022

Olá Crypto People!

Today I bring some of my favorite platforms and free resources to help you stay organized while getting educated in your crypto journey.
Find the 5 free crypto resources everyone NEEDS to know below🔥

Coin Marketcap(CMC)🤖

Plataforms: Website + Mobile App (iOS & Android)

It is an essential (free!) Cryptographic resource for checking crypto prices, finding project whitepapers, checking behavior, maximum and total supply, and displaying real-time project volume and market capitalization. CoinMarketCap also provides historical data, owner statistics, wallets, social media accounts, project news feeds, exchanges available for trading, information about the team behind the project, and more. You can also see other coins and tokens seen by other owners based on the project you are interested in. Besides that, you can earn daily diamonds that are convertible into crypto rewards and chat with crypto investors from all over the world🌎
Similar websites: Coingecko

Lunar Crush(LC)🌕

Plataforms: Website + Mobile App (iOS Android)

Lunar marks itself as the Social Intelligence platform for cryptocurrencies, they aggregate all kinds of social metrics related to a plethora of crypto projects: Galaxy Score, AltRank, Social Volume, Social Engagement, and the list goes on — you will be able to analyze and compare different crypto social media data flows while keeping tabs on the projects in your bag.
Last but not least, you earn Lunr by interacting with the platform and by inviting friends, and the more Lunr you have, the more metrics are you able to see and interact with.


Plataforms: Website + Mobile App (iOS & Android)

TradingView describes itself as “Where the world charts, chats and trades markets. We’re a supercharged super-charting platform and social network for traders and investors.
Tradingview is a powerful technical analysis tool and Social Network where traders, investors, educators, and market enthusiasts can connect to share ideas and talk about the market. It is reliable, comprehensive, and has most of what you need day-to-day when trading all kinds of assets.
It has a high level of customization, paper-trading, news feed, and a bunch of other features.

TradingView Membership levels.


Plataforms: Website + Mobile App (iOS Android)

Messari provides market intelligence that drives high-conviction participation in the crypto economy. They help professionals, builders, and communities navigate web3 by providing world-class tools and intelligence, they use the token-curated registry system (TCR) in their open-source database and the Messari community consists of people who fall into four categories in 4(read more in their whitepaper).
ELI5: they aggregate all kinds of data and metrics plus have some very useful tools, like crypto screeners, charts, portfolio trackers,s and provide very segment-oriented data (Web 3.0, DeFi, NFTs, Valuations, etc).
Last but not least, the Founder & CEO (Ryan Selkis) it’s the author of one of the best yearly crypto reports — Messari Crypto Theses.


Plataforms: Website + Mobile App (iOS Android)

Glassnode is a blockchain data and intelligence provider generating innovative on-chain metrics and tools for digital asset stakeholders. Glassnode develops applications that provide new ways of delivering insights into blockchains and cryptocurrencies by focusing on the data from the blockchains themselves. Tho the Standard membership fits most of the retail/consumer investors' needs, the Advanced offers the best ratio price/metrics allowing you to access some of the most important on-chain metrics data.

Glassnode Membership levels.


All investors need their set of tools in their journey, these ones are indispensable and essential — learn to master the tool so you can conquer the art.
As always feel free to DM with questions or suggestions.


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Exploring #tech, #web3 & visionaries shaping our future 🌐 Follow for insights, resources & trends 📚 From mindful MONK 🧘 to inquisitive FOX 🌍

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