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By d00k13 | d00k13 | 2 Mar 2022

Just because people are doing extraordinary things does not mean they are not ordinary people. - Laird Hamilton

Someone once told me that everything great starts somewhere, often times seeming to come out of nowhere. However it may appear, nothing is not the contributing force to said greatness. With that said I am pleased to announce having discord implemented along with member signup and private file uploads!


Members Signup
create account

You may find the Members Signup and upload page in the navigation menu. Upon signup you will receive a confirmation email, once confirming you will be given permission to access the Upload Page. You can always update the contact information provided under My Account. As always, I will not share your personal contact information nor link personal identity to submissions upon use (unless credit is requested by submitter).


Private File Upload
how to help ukraine

Currently being used to help support the situation in Ukraine by collecting information this will be the page I use in the future for all your feedback requiring file submissions.

send me your footage

If you scroll down you will find the Upload Files button which links to a Google Forms File Upload. The only reason I am using this method is for simplicity for user and speed to setup. Once you have received this link please do not share. Until a new embedded system is derived it can be used for all larger file submissions up to 1 GB not suitable for email. Obviously if you wish to converse with me the best will always be by email to [email protected] found by clicking bottom right popup or messaging me directly SMS & WhatsApp 1(250)686-6571.


One Love Discord
one love community discord embed

Since just about everything I do is planned through or with the One Love Community Discord, integration on my webpage was a must. You may now login to chat and find the invite link by navigating to the Discord Page. More to come on how to add this to your discord server & webpage in future.


Link Tree
Link Tree

Using what’s available on Godaddy Webpage Builder I have started my version of a Link Tree containing all my decentralized discoveries. This part of my page is still in the works with much more to be added. I will likely change the format of the page once I find working embeddable code.

dtube hive actifit blurt appics

Starting with links to signup for the platforms I am most active in DTube/Hive/Actifit/Blurt/Appics I have ensured what is clickable includes referrals where available.

This section will likely be pretty vast by the time I am done and all information I publish can be found on my blog. All blog posts relating to platforms/projects can be found under the corresponding blog category.


Have suggestions?
Press the red button bottom right of my page and let me know what project I may have overlooked!


That’s it, @d00k13 Out!!!


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