27 😍fresh /not fresh🤨 ideas & feedback to improve Publish0x (📅25/03/2019 )
27 😍fresh /not fresh🤨 ideas & feedback to improve Publish0x (📅25/03/2019 )

By Cyril | Cyril | 26 Mar 2019

Hi everyone, I wrote down a list of ideas and suggestions to improve our experience with Publish0x.  

[It means what it means. Those are simple ideas that I've gathered some may be good some may be bad. Just you decide and add your ideas if you want to] 


What are the main ideas you would like to see? Comment/add your idea below 

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Features to add

#1 Add a filter by Languages 

#2 Add topics per categories or topics/tags (Medium as an example)


#3 Notifications icon/dot for the following events
→ When somebody follows us, tipped us (amount, name, date, and post), the author publishes new article, replied, mention in comments, an ambassador get a new affiliate, etc..

#4 Being able to downvote poor quality content maybe with adding a feature "was this article relevant/useful?" and 👎👍 (Like on quora)


#5 Page Publish0x About / Team (with pics, Linkedin links, videos, Bio etc..)

#6 Add explanatory video / Nice animation video 

#7 Have an open Trello/Meistertask board for everyone to see the current development stage / Roadmap etc.. 

#8 Tips rating for readers and writers average (A sort of ratio % of how much they give and how much they get, for how many authors) 

#9 Add connect with Linkedin on the register page (it will drive more quality content too)

#10 Adding @mention feature in the comment section


For Ambassadors

#11 Add leaderboard

#12 Add specific tracking link TIP's (so we know what post works best and where)

#13 See the profile of the recruited persons, eventually with their total amount tipped


For  bloggers

Improve the writing experience. (Taking example on medium or Linkedin Publishing.)

#15 Being able to know who tipped, when and how much they tipped 

#16 Knowing who is following us and how many followers we have

#17 Add underline, cross, quote...

#18 Add schedule for later post

#19 Save draft automatically across all tabs (Like google drive)

#20 Check put articles in a folder, (even the deleted ones so we can find them back if necessary)

#21 Add a small box: "share automatically the post on twitters/facebook/Linkedin"

#22 Being able to copy, drag and drop picture and gifs.

Marketing Ideas: 

#23 Gamification: Crypto reward for completing the profile, creating the  1 blog, posting for the 1st time, 10 times 100 times, commenting, etc..

For readers:

#24 Bookmark articles

#25 Highlights sentence

#26 TipHistory of the author and articles we tipped

#27 Add a "Load more" feature as we scroll instead of having many pages. 


#28 Bonus: Get started on Publish0x: The 10 most helpful links
#29 Bonus: Check out why Publish0x is pretty cool
#30 Bonus: Let's connect on Linkedin


Tracking what is being built today that we're going to use tomorrow


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