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Earn Banano by helping medical research with your CPU/GPU

By BenKenobi | CYPTOnews | 11 May 2020

It has been known for a long time that using your CPU to mine crypto-currency is less and less profitable and even impossible if you are not equipped with sophisticated and relatively expensive mining RIGs. And even with all this, the profitability is often hard to balance.

So what's the point of trying to undermine tiny amounts of crypto with our meagre CPUs?

Spending more electricity than we can earn?

Equipped only with an old computer and after several unsuccessful attempts, I quickly lost interest in traditional mining.

Well, there is a solution to use the few hashrate available on our computers in a very different way and for a very good cause.


Medical Research:

Indeed groups of researchers, institutes and laboratories are using, just like crypto mining, powerful computers and their colossal computing power to sample and simulate protein experiments and models. Just like the blockchain, these research programs are very bundled in computing power and this is where the few hashrates of our computers can make the difference.


For several years now, researchers have been proposing to the general public to make use of processors unused performance on our old desktop computers.
In order to increase total computing power available for their work and to advance in medical research. A way to take part in useful projects for humanity and to refocus our machines towards a way of producing for others rather than turned towards oneself.

From now on, our computers can join ranks of serious research programs with an open source application, [email protected].


FAH, what's that?


"[email protected] is a medical research project whose aim is to simulate the folding of proteins in various temperature and pressure configurations, particularly against covid-19, Alzheimer's disease, sickle cell disease and certain types of cancer. It is a distributed computing project that works with the unused computing power of computers, telephones and, formerly, PlayStation 3 of thousands of volunteers. " source


For all those who have understood that mining a few cents of crypto-money every month has no profitable interest, here is a way to make a gesture to the scientific community and take part in medical research.

For those who consider that provision of equipment without remuneration is inconceivable, a very interesting solution exists with the Banano for them.

Indeed, you can be remunerated according to the computing power that you can make available for research and that, directly in your banano portfolio.


Interface :

Here is an overview of the simplified control page of the application available on Windows.


You will find your ID, your statistics, the details of the project you are working on, a slider to select the power you wish to use (Light, Medium, Full) and the choice of using your computer resources only in standby (IDLE) or while you are using your machine. I recommend reducing or pausing when using other resource-intensive applications.


The application will give you the possibility to visualize in real time the project on which your computing power is working. The nature of scientific project, coordinates of  institute or research center,  modeling of the molecule you are studying, progress of your simulation and your contribution to the project. At the end of each research process, you will receive a self-signed certificate from the research organisation to which you have contributed.


Other options are available in the advanced control such as adding new compute slots from your CPU or GPU, master/slave between several machines, priority rule for your computer performance... Options that I can detail in comment in case of parameter setting problem.



How to earn :

In order to be remunerated, all you have to do is to obtain an identifier attached to your Banano address on the BananoMiner website and to join the Banano team. Ranked top 10 of the biggest teams on the application.


When you first connect to the [email protected] application, you have choice to use your computing power in 2 ways. Either anonymously, but this will not give you any remuneration. Either by filling in your login and that of a team.

Only the Banano team will pay you for the hashrate that you make available to [email protected]
Don't worry, if you clicked too fast, you can fill in your login and password on the control page of the application.


Once on the road, your login and password correctly filled in, you will receive a daily amount of Banano equivalent to computing power adding to scientific projects and generated via the Banano team.

The remuneration is much more interesting compared to current faucets available on the web. With a 10 year old and a low performance computer with a 2 core processor, I can generate 9 to 10 banano per day.


A rather derisory sum for some when one makes conversion on an exchange but I remind the cause of this contribution/remuneration which has as a primary goal medical advances, in the front line in this time of health crisis of covid-19.


Things to remember:

This is enough to reconcile those who seek to make a few dollars without doing anything and at the same time do a good deed.

And this is what rewards those who would still have participated in these projects without expecting to be paid.

If you have any doubts about this application, don't hesitate to do some research online. You will quickly understand the scope of [email protected] program.[email protected]

Well, Geneva-based CERN, which specializes in the research of elementary particles, has just dedicated the computing power of more than 10,000 cores of their supercomputer to the [email protected] program. In an urgent research effort against covid-19, they did not hesitate for one second to take part in the general effort.


[email protected], succinctly :


  • Giving computing power to advance medical research...
  • Open Source program
  • Earn crypto via the BananoMiner program
  • Transparent and well-respected computer performance priority rule

Here are 4 good reasons to drop the traditional mining and to turn very quickly to this application.

Feel free to send me your feedback or if you want more information on the advanced settings of the application.


Here is my banano address for those who wish to send live tips. Thank you for your support.


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