Cudo Miner is Positioning to Provide Distributed Computing Solutions


Cudo Miner is a relatively new cryptocurrency mining platform that is easy to use, free to install, and helps simplify cryptomining for casual PC owners.  I have been using it for a few months and the interface seems intuitive and comprehensive.  The mining is stable and although not perfectly optimized for every user, as an advanced miner would tweak, it is pretty good. 


It can quickly be installed on a system with a single video card or an array of them, such as in a dedicated mining rig, and in a few minutes will begin mining.  It does a quick scan and tests the system to find the best coin to mine or the user can manually decide.  Payouts can be made in many of the big coins that are mined directly or users can get paid in Bitcoin.  The easiest configuration is to set it to auto-decide what to mine based upon profitability at any given time. 




Matt Hawkins founded Cudo in 2018 and it has quickly gained in popularity.  Hawkins previously founded C4L, one of the UK’s fastest growing data center ISP’s.  The roadmap shows a progression to increase features and be one of the best mining platforms.




But there is something new on the horizon.  When you have an agent running on systems that can tap into the CPU, video cards, drive space, and Internet connection, there are even bigger opportunities.


Cudo has revealed they are planning the next generation of mining services, Distributed Computing.  Imaging miners being able to not only use their video cards to mine cryptocurrency, but also rent out CPU compute cycles, data storage, and Internet access for even greater gains.  They call it Cudo Mining 2.0 and it sounds impressive. 




Some other blockchain projects are already working on various aspects.  Storj and Sia have platforms for distributed storage where ‘miners’ rent out disk space.  Lethean has built a project to share out Internet connections as part of a massive distributed VPN network.  Golem and other projects are sharing out distributed CPU compute power.  There are many other projects that are in various stages of production.  CudoMiner is the first that I know with the practical ambitions to provide a comprehensive package, pulling in all the potential distributed resources of participants.  This may be a greater profitability opportunity for miners.


Cudo Compute will be the next generation of Cudo Miner.  It will include the necessary host agent as well as a connecting to a computing marketplace to connect buyers and sellers.  This would create a competitive environment where unused available compute resources could be utilized to the benefit of everyone.  If all goes according to their plans, they may be competing with the big could infrastructures such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.



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