Top 5 Countries for Outsourcing Technical Support

By dangoldman | CyberCraft Blog | 16 May 2019

Where to outsource technical support? Which countries are best for technical support outsourcing? If these are the questions you’re asking, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will present to you the five best countries for outsourcing technical support.

Any business, regardless of whether we're talking about B2C or B2B, usually has to provide support to its clients after a purchase. This is especially true in the case with technology-related products and services.

It is for this reason that many tech companies have technical support departments or outsource this area. Many of the largest tech firms prefer the latter option. The reasons are numerous.

First, it provides significant cost savings. Secondly, it removes a lot of headaches and lets those companies which outsource focus on other more important areas such as marketing and sales. However, once you consider outsourcing technical support, a logical question arises - where to outsource it? That's exactly what we will cover below.

5 Best Countries for Technical Support Outsourcing

So, here are the best countries to outsource technical support to as of 2019:

  • Ukraine
  • India
  • Brazil
  • The Philippines
  • Mexico

Which country is best for you depends on your specific situation and goals. We will explain in detail why each of the countries deserves a place on our list.

Ukraine - The Best Country for Outsourcing Technical Support

When deciding which country is best, one should take into account both the average price and quality of services provided. Ukraine is undoubtedly the winner in this case. Technical support specialists there can boast excellent English and deep technical knowledge along with impressive communication skills. At the same time, they require lower salaries than Western specialists. These factors got Ukraine to the top of our list.   

India - An Excellent Choice

The second best country for outsourcing technical support is undoubtedly India. Many of the largest Western corporations have been outsourcing to India for many years. The salaries for technical support specialists are some of the lowest in the world which provide Western clients with cost advantages.

In addition, English is an official language in India. Therefore, a large part of the Indian population speaks English which makes it easy to find qualified English-speaking specialists.

Brazil - A Convenient Time-Zone for American Customers

One of the key factors which make Brazil one of the best outsourcing destinations is its location. It is located in the same time zone as most of the United States. This makes outsourcing technical support to Brazil very convenient. American customers get support in the usual hours and Brazilian specialists don't have to work in the night shift. In addition to that, Brazilian specialists require much lower salaries than American ones.  

The Philippines

One of the key reasons why some Western clients outsource to the Philippines are extremely low salaries. This allows cutting support costs by a significant degree. Although the level of English there is not that high, in some cases outsourcing to this country may be a good idea.


The case with Mexico is very similar to Brazil. Just like the latter, it is located in the same time zone as the United States. Furthermore, geographical proximity and mutual border is another advantage. This makes controlling offshore technical support departments in Mexico a much easier task. Salaries in Mexico as we all know are a few times lower than in the US.

Another reason why Mexico is so popular for outsourcing is the Spanish language. More and more consumers in the US prefer receiving support in Spanish which is the native language for most Mexicans.


If you are providing technical support to your customers then outsourcing it may be a very good idea (if you do it right). A big part of success comes from choosing the right country to outsource to. Today we have provided you with a list of the five best countries for outsourcing technical support. We explained in detail why each of them may be the right choice for you.

Each of them provides you with certain advantages such as cost, time zone convenience, language level, and so forth. When making the decision you have to take all of those factors into account, especially the price and quality. We hope you make the right choice!    

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