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Will the Coronavirus go away?

By Cyberblock | cyberblock | 17 Mar 2020


Is the Coronavirus bringing you down?

If you're like me and suffer from health anxiety my advice would be to avoid the news right now. I know everyone likes to keep up to date but filling your head with health news all day is going to feed that anxiety. Take a break from google, it's not your friend right now! Go throw on some tunes or have an all day movie feast!

Can the Corona be stopped?

As cases of the the Coronavirus continue to spread across the globe, countries have implemented strict quarantines in an effort to defeat the virus. As many of us have begun to face the realities of isolation, we begin to wonder if these measures are enough to stop it's spread. Can a 2-3 week quarantine really stop the spread?

The short answer is No!

When you take the step of quarantine, whether it's mandatory or voluntary, it is based on the assumption that you have been exposed and therefore that you may be positive for an infectious disease," said Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC's chief medical correspondent. "So it's not a home vacation. It's not a staycation. It's hard to do, and you don't do it a little bit. You can't be a little pregnant. You home quarantine. You don't leave your house.

Successful quarantines might be able to flatten the curve and slow the spread, but it's unrealistic to think that it will completely stop it for good. All it takes is one single person who either breaks the isolation rules or one person who still has it after quarantine to start the spread all over again.

It is my belief that the WHO and governments around the world know that it can't be stopped. Their plan is to slow the spread and flatten the curve until the panic subsides and the economy can begin to function. Once they succeed in flattening the curve they're likely to announce that the cornavirus is here to stay. We as individuals need to except that fact the we are likely to contract the virus at some point, all we can do is prepare. Governments are already constructing facilities to accommodate long term care for infected patients as corona sweeps the globe.

I would like to wish all of you here on Publish0x all the best, lets get through it together :)



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