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Uptrennd, a new social media platform that earns you cryptocurrency

By Cyberblock | cyberblock | 12 Mar 2020


Cryptocurrencies have captured the imagination of people around the world, struck fear among governments and banks, and confused the minds of many who can’t quite figure it out.

The emergence of blockchain technology is reinventing the way we interact
on the internet and brings technological advances to almost every
industry. As centralized multinational corporations have grow in power
and political authority, they have become corrupt, leading many to
distrust them. Collaboration between business and government continues
to empower centralized authorities to censor, collect and monetize the
data of it’s users.

It’s becoming quite clear that content creators need to take that power back.

Imagine a social media platform that empowers it’s users, not the corporations?

Blockchain + Social Media?

A doorway has been opened between the decentralized nature of blockchain technology and social media platforms.

Uptrennd, a new social media platform based on censorship resistant blockchain
technology, has paved it’s way as a leader in a new era of decentralized
social media. Imagine a platform like reddit that rewards content
creators and contributors who actively engage on it’s platform. Users
are rewarded through an upvoting system with an ERC-20 token called
1-UP. Uptrennd has created an innovative ecosystem which encourages users to level up in order to increase rewards and reputation. Uptrennds ingenuous upvote system is designed to reward content based on it’s quality, naturally discouraging unwanted content.

Uptrennd is focused on continuing to build a social media platform built on
freedom of speech, security of data, and the distribution of Wealth.


“Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right
includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek,
receive and impart information and ideas through any media and
regardless of frontiers.”
― United Nations, Universal Declaration of Human Rights

5 factors that bring value to 1-UP token

  1. Tokens
    are used to level up a users account giving them a higher reward for
    the upvotes they receive. A higher level also gives a user more
    reputation in the community.
  2. Users can use 1-UP tokens to boost the number the number of views they receive on the platform.
  3. Tokens can be used to cash out on exchanges at any time. Currently 1-UP is listed on Idex, P2PB2B and Uniswap however I expect it to be listed on many bigger exchanges soon.
  4. Users can purchase banner ad space with 1-UP tokens 80% of which goes back to the community.
  5. Tokens can be used to tip other users on the platform.

Below is a summary of Uptrennd:

Below is an interview with Uptrennd founder Jeff Kideikis

If you would like more detailed information about Uptrennd, you can find the whitepaper here: Uptrennd Whitepaper

By joining Uptrennd you’re contributing to the ideologies of liberty and
freedom, empowering the people to claim what is rightfully theirs.

As a community we must reject tyrannical measures constraining humanity
and instead embrace a belief system based on faith in the human capacity
for creativity and invention. We must believe in liberty and
freedom,not regulation and regimentation, in love rather than hate, in
hope rather than despair.

If you would like to open a free account on Uptrennd, click here


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