Bitcoin and Riots

As America burns people are searching for answers, could Bitcoin be the solution?

By Cyberblock | cyberblock | 3 Jun 2020

During the last week or so, the USA has been feeling the wrath of countless protests and riots just about every major city across the nation. America is experiencing civil unrest like never before, but some of the riots seem to be getting worse. We must stand in defiance by not voting for the political class, and using alternative currencies like bitcoin. It can go a long way for our fight for freedom.


America Is burning, the state Invokes Curfews, National Guard is Deployed, and Martial Law Starts to become a reality

The protests have become violent and that's because the police have attacked crowds of innocent protesters, there seem's to be hired groups of inciters that start violence, provocateurs have been caught on camera inciting violence, and people are fed up with the decades of police brutality.

With Riots Erupting in across America, maybe peaceful protest Can be more meaningful?

However, thee must be better ways people can protest the nation's wrongdoings and mistakes, maybe by simply not participating in the corrupted system. instead, we can turn to Bitcoin and other means of decentralized economics, by not voting for corrupt politicians, and avoiding the status quo by any means can be far more impactful than any violent street demonstration.

With Riots boiling over in American cities, using tools of Peaceful Protest is what must happen.

Recently, George Floyd was killed when an officer kneeled on his neck for nine minutes. There's video footage of the horrific incident while three other cops watched their comrade brutal kill an unarmed man. We must not forget, Floyd is not the only person that the police have killed recently and most of the time, American officers never receive much trouble brutal killing of innocent people.


Floyd’s death has spawned outrage and six days of uprising, protests, and riots. Cities like Boston, Oakland, Minneapolis, Chicago, LA, Portland, Seattle, Denver, Tampa, Miami, Lincoln San Jose, Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Miami, Atlanta, Richmond, Cincinnati, Detroit, Des Moines, Austin, Louisville, Dallas, Milwaukee, Indianapolis, and others have seen civil unrest like nothing we have ever seen before.

So what has Pushed People Over the Edge?

We must understand that people have been locked down and forced stay at home for months. They have been forced into lines, harassed by police, and fined for not wearing masks. Almost four months later the data is clear— Covid19 wasn’t as scary as they made it out to be. The very best estimates reveal that 0.4% by the CDC and a lot of people believe that it’s much lower than that with testings that have fudged death counts. People lost their jobs, careers and now they can’t eat.

Many people live in the projects and poverty areas with barely anything to their name. Living Paycheck to paycheck as a way of life. More than one-third of America is now unemployed. Millions are hungry. Can’t afford rent. Depression and Suicide are on the rise. Mortgages are passed due. Where is the money going to come from? Citizens are still being harassed for not social distancing. The media hyped it all up. The government and so-called expert doctors lied through their teeth and projected thousands of times more deaths than reality. Their fear-mongering scared the people and caused traumatic experiences to their children who have been forced out of school.

And all of a sudden, an officer kills a man for allegedly using counterfeit twenty-dollar bill, after the Fed has been printing counterfeit bills for decades. Certainly not the first time an officer killed a man either. This man’s neck kneeled on 9 minutes straight. It took the feds three days to even put this cop in cuffs. The three spectating officers have not even been charged. Crimes like this have become all too common, and the police are hardly ever held accountable.

In addition to this brutality that is rarely ever addressed, the American government has been brainwashing the population and stealing from its people for decades with unnecessary measures and over-taxation on across the board. They've hyper-inflated the dollar and no bankster has ever been charged. The Banking cartel on Wall Street and Federal Reserve has destroyed our monetary system and left us in ruins

The elite living in America and across the world divided us by leveraging democrats VS republicans, divided us by races, genders, and made turned us against our own family members. Healthcare is broken, the U.S. Education system sucks, Law enforcement cares more about making money than protecting its people.

Endless wars have been initiated by American forces for decades. Multiple countries have been attacked. Our youth are taught violence on television and that they must respect the police officers. Bow to them. Death by war is looked up to in celebration of war. Kids from the projects and teens who don’t know what to do with their lives are recruited into this war machine. Kids are being taught that violence is good and to solve things by force.

Unfortunately, a new president isn't going to fix a broken America, but opting out of their corrupt system will.

The hierarchy of the American system is wrong and immoral. The people should continue peaceful protests if they really want their voices to be heard. But instead, they're looting robbing and causing violence. You can't solve violence with more violence. Individuals who make up “We the people” need to evolve.


This madness and chaos will never end unless we remove the tools that empower the political class (replace fiat with Bitcoin). We must find a way to peacefully protest without violence. We can use the Bitcoin to opt-out of their tyrannical system. We can walk away from the brainwashing mainstream media and it's systems of indoctrination. Do not participate in the system. Don’t even vote. A new President cannot fix this. Ignore the political class at all costs. Remove yourself from the political divide.

Libertarians have been preaching this for years (now look where we are). The legal system is broken and the monetary system is a Ponzi scheme. We can use censorship resistance to avoid the corrupt system and if enough of us follow along, we can empower "we the people". Just think about it, instead of creating violence and potentially getting arrested or hurt, you can use your possessions to circumvent the system instead. By taking away their power of money, the tyrannical state is useless. They couldn't fund the endless destruction with their war machine.

We can remove ourselves from the fraudulent economy by using decentralized digital currencies, hedging our wealth, and leveraging the power of Bitcoin. If we can do that then we remove stand a chance of removing the state’s monetary might. If we stop voting and start ignoring the left vs right bullshit, we can withdraw from the political system and move forward. If we continue to participate in their system, the people will never learn the truth and the overlords will continue their scheme. Bitcoin is a peaceful protest that we can use today.

This tool is far more powerful than any protest



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