50/30/20 Budget method

By CyB3RNooB | CyB3RNooBs Posts | 7 Jul 2020

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In today post I want to touch on a way to budget income. About a year ago I stumbled upon an article about budgeting and making paychecks go as far as possible. It is called the 50/30/20 budget, it is where you allocate 50% of your income on needs, 30% of your income on wants, and 20% of income on savings. I usually break the 20% down in to 10% savings, and 10% investments. I figure this out every two weeks and do this every payday. I must say it has helped me quite a bit, just to be more financial disciplined more than I used to be. Now for others reading this, you may have your own way of budgeting and that's ok. I just thought I would share this with the Publish0x community. The link to the article is listed below, check it out for more detailed steps . Not financial advice but Thanks for reading and have a great day or evening.. If you like my post..thumbs up...in not then thumbs down..


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CyB3RNooBs Posts
CyB3RNooBs Posts

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