finX -> Cc -> CBDC: ABNORMAL RETURNS 📈, testing ETH-BNTX Pair Trading

By artum-x | Custom finX | 11 Nov 2020

Our resent article on BNTX gathered an interest, so decided to continue the analysis with some relevant references along the way.

Let me start with Abnormal Returns daily posts, this time featuring Quantopian exit:




There are 2 excellent articles on it:

How Quantopian's open-source investment dream died. (

Lessons learned from the Quantopian experiment. (


Our own experience of many years taught us to transfer the knowledge, strategies from one field to another.

When you do that, you advance many things on the way.

Currently we are seeking to move our pair trading strategy from Fiat trading to Cc.


There are many trading strategies in the financial industry, not all of them are worth of our time. and Tadas Viskanta do a great job by reviewing many of them, so we have easier path at our feet.


Now, we'll create pair trading portfolio for BNTX, ETH, cause we believe in hands-on plays with our own numbers.

No explanations work better than our ability to move numbers around.




What do you see in the platform?

It started on 01.02.2020 with the BNTX, ETH closing values on that day... 


Play with the different ratios in column Shares and you'll be amazed of what's possible:

buy 100, sell 100 is the simplest form of pair trading: it has ratio 1 : 1. All other ratios are the spark for your imagination. 


If you learn to play around on this platform, you'll do yourself a favor to practically experience pair trading (not that somebody tells you something).

You'll always have the place to check your strategy and potential profits.

After that, you'll be ready to move your positions onto any broker's trading platform.


The Thing I'm missing here is ETH, BTC options, but this is AGAIN affluent powers holding us at bay, not sharing most important tools of hedging.

I hope it's temporary. You may enter Cc options into the spreadsheets manually, though, i.e. from

It's more work, of course.

Remember, pair trading strategy was a hidden gem before the internet age, so it is worth to get the close feel for it. 


The title of this article used abbreviation finX -> Cc -> CBDC to make the point as follows:

Central Banks are already using the advances of Cryptocurrency for their own developments.

Why not to use their closely guarded tools for Cc advancement?

Tap yourself on a shoulder and say: We are wise enough not 'to leave the money on the table': we'll use profitable strategies of the Fiat world in the Cc field. 


One more tip, sometimes you browse the website which does not have Search tool.

I use the Google site search in those cases and it is very helpful. uses this example: facebook stat, where you place your search instead of facebook stat


Stay safe, be profitable!

📈 💖 📉 🔢

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Custom finX

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