All you need to know about Threads, an Instagram app!

By inmybones | Current INFO (NEWS) | 6 Jul 2023

Instagram just launched a new app called Threads and here’s what you need to know.

Threads, an Instagram app is said to “rival” Twitter. The app boasted 30 million sign-ups in just Day 1.

You can sign up for Threads by going to

Notice, it says an Instagram app? That’s because your threads account is attached to your Instagram ID.

Sign up with your Instagram handle and follow all the people from your Instagram ID that have a Threads account.

Your username stays the same as your Instagram username and you have the option to import your bio, links and profile photo from Instagram too.

Since this is just Day One, you get the vibes of a casual 2016 Twitter. You know, back when people weren’t obsessed with going viral.

The conversations are all public. There is no DM feature yet. The vibes are all very positive and curious. The UI is smooth and elegant. It has a minimalistic feel to it.

Anyone can start a thread. Of course, the user guideline is similar to other Meta products.


  1. Honestly, the environment is very encouraging.
  2. People with originality are going to thrive here.
  3. It will connect to Fediverse platforms so that your followers are yours. If you leave the platform, you can take your followers with you!
  4. No ads. (That will probably change later)
  5. You can have a conversation with your favourite creators and there’s a high chance you might even get a reply.


  1. No Google Translate. (*sighs*) (It’s obviously kind of something I’m spoiled with everywhere else)
  2. 500 characters is the limit to your thread.
  3. There’s no edit option. (And I kinda like it like that.)
  4. Gifs support isn’t 100%. The only gifs you can post are the ones that you have downloaded to your phone.
  5. Deleting the account is kind of wonky. If you delete your Threads account, your Instagram account is also deleted. You can instead deactivate your profile. You can also delete your individual posts.
  6. Not a con, but I wish there was a pin thread option.

Now, two more things for you as 1 day experienced user:

Firstly, don’t compare it to Twitter. It’s honestly not that comparable yet. Except for the obvious, both are on a very different scale. (Twitter had 368 million monthly active users in 2022 and Threads just launched today)

Twitter has many features that are not on Threads yet and has such a history that I’m sure many won’t contemplate leaving it. Don’t treat it like Twitter or Threads, it can be Twitter and Threads for you.

Threads feed right now, shows you Threads from people you follow and recommended users. (Idk how that is chosen)

Second, I get a lot of people saying, ‘If it works then, I’ll join later’ or ‘If it’s relevant in a while then I’ll check it out’. But, lovelies, this is a Meta product. There has been a lot of work and thought on this to get to this point. It is going to work. Of course, it is also going to change. We’ll get hashtags, DMs(maybe), and Fediverse support. And who knows maybe the scene will be different by then.

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