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By tolga1500 | Current Coin | 26 Mar 2020

GET FREE 800 BTC Exchanges offer superior services to the new online cryptocurrency industry with an exchange that users can access online or through their mobile apps. According to Coin Market Cap, Exchange regularly emerges as one of the top 10 volume exchanges in the cryptocurrency market. Exchange, which regularly exceeds billion in daily trading volume, has created a great environment for cryptocurrency investors. The company has developed a range of services to enable its customers to go shopping, and has implemented numerous promotions to attract new users. With over 30 trading pairs across ETH, BTC and USDT, Exchange focuses on delivering a robust and specific set of assets for trading.


Launched in 2017, Exchange operates in many offices in the Asian region. With this in mind, Exchange started to expand to the west after providing superior service in China, South Korea and other eastern countries. Although most western consumers have not yet met the Exchange, the company has recently begun to open up to new markets with a more aggressive marketing campaign. Today, customers in the stock market should only benefit from the increase in the transaction volume in the stock market. It will also help the company distribute more resources to the company as reinvestment to ensure that remains at the cutting edge of cryptocurrency innovations.

In 2017, the company went through an important milestone when it was bought by the Australia Collinstar Holding with a full acquisition. This transition has helped the company develop further and prove the world's largest pile mining pool. In addition, Exchange has a partnership with one of the world's largest digital asset exchanges, ZB. This partnership helps ensure the highest level of platform security across the service pack. In addition, the acquisition and upgraded company, as a contract trading platform, will help fill the holes of the ZB trade and form a basic strategic alliance between the two companies.


In 2017, the company started at a Cryptocurrency "gold rush" summit and has since become one of the largest companies in space. Looking back today, the foundation of the Exchange is based on the cornerstones of pushing technological innovations and serving the highest level of prestige to customers. Letters in the company name can further illuminate this message. 'B' means Bits on, and 'W' means both Earth and Wealth, which truly captures the nature of this innovative Fintech company. The company leads the developmental successes in the financial technology markets, which is at the forefront of new technologies with its innovative business models and gaining a positive global reputation among the world societies.

As the company started as a mining pool, quickly became one of the three most popular pools in the cryptocurrency space. The team behind the mining pool has owned the top global domain and has since gathered millions of users with mining pool services for popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more from 45 countries and regions around the world. . The success of the first venture was very warmly welcomed by the cryptocurrency community, it only made sense to expand the service delivery to include other service offers. The stock market started in this way, and the company continues to push the envelope with technology-enhancing innovations, and will continue to do so for other initiatives in the future.

While the team has achieved great success in the two years it has been operating, there are many ambitious goals to achieve. First, the team is determined to continue developing innovative solutions to serve the growing cryptocurrency industry. The team is working diligently to keep up with security and expand service delivery to include other assets. Although this process is going on excessively, the point that draws attention here is the focus point devoted to the basic foundation of the work.
With the Exchange we are already very excited to see the success of the markets for us, but we are much more excited about the opportunity to serve millions of people. As the future of the digital world continues to expand into our daily lives, will continue to provide the best-in-class service we know, even if the company tries to spread to other parts of the world.

As mentioned earlier, an expansion to the west continues, and the team is excited to start a further journey into the digital world. With this expansion, consumers should expect more promotions such as Sugar Bowl. Sugar Bowl creates an online account with Exchange, allowing users to earn free BTC and other tokens. The promotion will also reward users who invite their friends to the platform. With this referral program, the team hopes to attract new users who are not yet familiar with the great service offered on Exchange. The exchange will continue to launch other promotional tasks to encourage users to share the exchange and collect more users for the service pack.

There are very simple steps you need to take for one of these promotions, the 800 BTC award.


Event rules

1. If you register a BW account during the event, complete the three-level authentication (mobile phone/Google/email), you can get 0.01 BTC.

2. Generate event invitation links and share them with friends.You can get 0.001 BTC reward for every success invitation registration. The max friends that can be invited during the event is less than 20 (including 20).

3. Invitees need to complete three levels of authentication, mobile phone authentication, email authentication and Google authentication. If all three levels of authentication completed, they will be valid users so that the inviter can get BTC reward.

Log in the APP every day to receive BTC revenue



While the short term future of the suite of services seems fairly certain to expand outward and upward, the long term goals of the platform help to support the team’s overall vision. The team remains dedicated to creating innovative business models powered by leading technologies to help the global community. This truly is a remarkable goal and a feat which will not be easily attained. With that being said, the team is blessed to have the backing of a strong parent company now and also is staffed by some of the best and brightest within the cryptocurrency sector. That being said, the true success of the platform will be determined over the coming years as it continues to grow and work towards being the best service provider in the cryptocurrency sector. We will not only hope this to be the case but also continue to work extremely hard to make sure that remains a prominent player in the financial technology community.

In closing, we thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Exchange and company. We are thrilled and grateful to be able to service the young cryptocurrency sector. Further, we look forward to having the opportunity to be a role model for other companies to remain focused on innovative and secure solutions for the customers they are servicing. It has been a wonderfully enjoyable journey to build out cryptocurrency specific solutions for an industry which is poised to change the world in ways the internet did in the ’90s. It is an exciting time to be operating within the cryptocurrency sector and again we thank everyone who uses and helps make one of the most prominent and successful companies in all of the cryptocurrency sector in 2019. With that in mind, we look forward to bringing more technologically driven solutions and services to the world as we progress further into the future.




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