Will Ripple's (XRP) market situation increase?

SBI Holdings, a group of financial services companies located in Tokyo, Japan, knows that
they also collaborate with Ripple (XRP). Yoshitaka Kitao, CEO of SBI Holdings
He made some statements a few days ago. In these statements, Ripple's (XRP) was
He said he would appreciate.

Considered to be the largest cryptocurrency today, will Bitcoin always be this way?
she began to think.

Besides the statements made by Yoshitaka Kitao, Ripple (XRP) will grow further in the coming periods
often said. From platdorms with Ripple (XRP) to even more areas
He said he wanted it to grow and be used by everyone.
According to what he says, he thinks he can do it too.


At the same time, Yoshitaka Kitao said that Ripple is managing the Covid-19 outbreak time supply process.
and said that in the future, these processes will work faster and more reliably.

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