Will Ethereum's market situation go down?


With the fall of Bitcoin, a decline in cryptocurrencies also began. Ethereum, the 2nd largest cryptocurrency that caught this downturn, also participated.

Up to $ 230, Ethereum began to fall to $ 180 in a short time. But it has been increasing for the last few days.
Ethereum's current level is around $ 190.

Despite Ethereum's dropping so much, Ethereum will soon be in the opinion of master analysts and investors.
That will go up to $ 300 levels.

After the fall of Bitcoin, the eyes were turned into Ethereum and Ethereum was even said to overtake Bitcoin in the future.
My personal opinion is that the likelihood of such a thing is very low.

However, when it comes to cryptocurrency, it will not be clear that if the companies come into operation, to reach an agreement with Ethereum.
In the event, Ethereum's value may rise more than once, after that, Bitcoin can move down.

Besides, of course, it is the opposite and it may even fall below the limit.

I hope we all win ...

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