Thinking about the future of Bitcoin.

Thinking about the future of Bitcoin.

Thinking about the future of Bitcoin.

Robert Kiyosaki, an American businessman and writer, is the most valuable among cryptocurrencies
He said that he would go up to $ 75,000 for 3 years for Bitcoin.

It seems that bitcoin has already increased again recently.
Famous investors and analysts say a further increase will be seen in the future.

In China, they say that Bitcoin is a property, and they think it should be included in the law.
I would like to mention the following issue: The transaction fees of Bitcoin started to increase.
The transaction fee, which was not so much before, is now even higher.

My personal advice is this:

The economy of our world is changing, things can always change.
But cryptocurrencies are a part of the new economy world and make your investments already.

The current value is: 9,884.76 USD

With the wish that we all win…

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