The Chinese People's Political Solidarity Conference ended on May 28
and they made a decision about cryptocurrencies as follows:

When a person dies, their legacy is called legal property.
These heritages are house, land, car, money, etc. but now it comes out
Cryptocurrencies may be among the legacies of a dead person with this law.

China has started to make the necessary investments to legalize cryptocurrencies.
The effective date of this law was set as January 1, 2021.

China's efforts to legalize cryptocurrencies will be a counterpart
I think there may be tax cuts in cryptocurrency exchanges.

You know that one of the biggest reasons for choosing cryptocurrencies
One is that there is an excessive commission on all money transfers, including inter-country money transfers.
However, cryptocurrencies do not have this deduction.

One of the reasons why users use crypto coins is with this reason.
I hope countries intervene in cryptocurrencies will only benefit the users.

For example, salary payments can now be related to cryptocurrencies.
For example, virtual money can now enter our daily lives.

With the wish of everyone to win…

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