According to famous investors, Bitcoin could reach $ 15,000 before this year ends.

The price of Bitcoin was $ 3600 in March, and now it has increased significantly, reaching $ 10,000.

A number of investors believe that this increase will immediately drop after Halving.
In other investors, this just says that the start will drop more.

According to analysts, before 2020, the price of bitcoin can go up to $ 15,000.
In 2019, the price of Bitcoin reached up to $ 14,000.





Halving, which crypto investors expect, will take place on 12 May.
When we looked at these situations before, the price of Bitcoin was on the way to increase around 1.200% to 6.000% after 1 year of Halving.

Because of the gradual increase in bitcoin, the famous big investors have seen the price of Bitcoin.
They are waiting for those who will go up to $ 19,000, but this will be gradual even if there is an increase.

It is foreseen that these increases will continue as the activity of crypto money investors increases during the halving period.

As it is known, Santiment conducts certain researches on these issues.

"Bitcoin rose to $ 10,000 after a long break. Even though investors say that this increase was only a pre-Halving situation
These increases will continue gradually until the end of the 2020 period. "


XBT-USD monthly chart. Source:



Breakdown of corporate investments in grayscale products.



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