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By | Curexmy | 23 Jul 2020

The Freelance community and the people involved in online transactions are very much excited to get SadaPay debit card and want to make it easy for them selfs either they want to spend online or earn online. On the SadaPay Facebook page whenever the team posted on the page, the community comes around and comments with the same craziness that when will it actually launch for the public for what they had promised for it. Finally, SadaPay has published its Actual progress status in their latest blog post Where is my debit card?! So we will read it and try to analyze the time when can SadaPay could launch or available for the public.

When SadaPay Will Launch?


SadaPay had announced to work in Pakistan around late mid-2018 (according to their Facebook page transparency) and serve to the digital interest in Pakistan to resolve not just the remittance issue along with big freelance job market who want to receive and spend online for their needs. People are in Pakistan getting more in touch with technology and getting registering him selfs on online portals, shopping online on E-com platforms along consuming online services such as Netflix Google Play Apps Apple Apps Store and A lot More. Due to the high demand for digital instant payments that’s why we need to bring out SadaPay like service to solve this problem of masses.

SadaPay Progress

The company has gained great not just recognition around Pakistan as well as achieve different goals towards starting their services in Pakistan and resolve the instant payment system problem. SadaPay has published in its blog section this Road map Image which is showing a significant understanding of their so far progress and giving an idea of the final launch period remaining so far for the public.


The company has progressed very much expectedly good and going forward according to their plannings despite current day’s technical workflow disruptions due to COVID-19 around the World. SadaPay has upgraded its Android and IOS app along with their website looks changes. Currently, the company announcements publication team has published in their blog that the SadayPay will be hold-on until the successful completion of Beta Testing so that they can assure the user experience and no unexpended bugs or technical difficult cause negative impact on company feedback.


SadaPay Beta Testing Phases Periods

Private Beta Testing: During this phase, they will highly focus on the efficiency and working behavior of their system which they have built to scale the payment for a huge number of people to serve efficiently, securely, and safely. The close and internal member will be involved during this phase and reposts the bugs or problem if occurs to resolve without any major problematic situations. The team will act activity and monitor the performance of their system and use their resources in their best possible level to see the actual running cost to eliminate the unnecessary things attached to it meanwhile achieving short term goals. This phase could be longer than 2-3 months until October 2020 beginning.

Public Beta Testing: In this phase, the selected number of people in the region of Pakistan will be chosen for the company’s almost final product testing and user experience monitoring and check the results aggregated from the phase. This phase will starts when OCT month begins of this year and stay until NOV 2020 ends.


Public Launch Date

The exact launch date is still unknown but expected near at the beginning of the next year 2021 for the final public launch and if we consider the delivery of successful MASTER debit cards, they will or should focuses on initial joiners of the waitlist and start public roll-out using their best possible resources to deliver the card and user experience after all the above phases. The Administrator has reported that 100K waitlist members figures have been grown and they will initially deliver the 100K cards to members according to their priority levels and according to the SadaPay initiatives Founders Club or early joiners program.SadaPayFounders-Club-Congratulations.jpg

So Finally, When SadaPay will Launch? Or What is the Final SadaPay launch Date?

According to official SadaPay statistics published in their blog section, we cannot predict the exact date but we can estimate the launch date that the Sadapay will launch at the beginning of the year 2021 near in Months of February and March 2021. The final public signups will be available after public launch and people can create their account and submit their order for SadaPay cards but the submission after the public launch, the cards will order could charge a predefined amount that will be not free because the free quota is only limited to early joiners waitlist.

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