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By dupater | Crypto Gathering | 18 Dec 2023

Its snow joke Walking the dog

Seasons greetings to you all

I am a British expat living in a small village in rural France therefore I do a lot of walking especially with my two dogs Duke and Harry or Juke and Arry as my french neighbours tend to call them. As such I have tried many "move to earn" projects while out walking and would like to share my thoughts and experiences on a few of them with you. Let's start with “STEPN”, one of the oldest and original move to earn projects.

I have used "STEPN" most days for quite some time now. Although, I would say that it sits just outside my favourite top four projects. Like many other move to earn projects it works using gps signals through your phone and involves you buying a pair of NFT sneakers, levelling them up and maintaining them. The sneakers then allow you to walk or run within a designated speed range (depending on the class of sneaker you purchase) for a set period of time every day. During that time, usually ten to fifteen minutes, you earn GST tokens on the SOL blockchain. If you are so inclined the project also allows you to mint new sneakers and sell them on to others via the project's marketplace.

Theoretically the higher level and better condition the sneakers are kept in the higher return you earn while out walking or running. I say theoretically because I seem to have come to a point now where levelling up seems to make little difference in the reward I receive and it no longer appears cost effective to keep levelling up the sneakers. Instead I simply maintain their condition and run the app in the background to accrue the GST tokens over time while also running my other move to earn apps.

If you want to try out STEPN you will need an invite code. There is an invite code listed in the resources section below.

Coming in at number four of my favourite move to earn projects is “GENOPETS”. Also on the SOL blockchain, the project approaches the move to earn concept in a different way to most other projects.

When you download the GENOPET app a free cyber pet is created for you to feed, level up, customise and interact with. You do this by gaining energy based on the amount of steps you take throughout the day then converting that energy to experience points. Levelling up and interacting with your pet using food and toys is free for as long as you wish to use the app.

A fun way of counting your daily steps but how is it a move to earn project?

Quite simply at this point it is not. However, purchase a habitat for your pet and it becomes a whole new ball game. Purchasing a habitat opens up the opportunity to harvest the KI token by converting some or all of your collected daily energy instead of using it to level up your pet. Plus, owning a habitat also opens up the ability to create new body parts and colours to further customise your pet or to sell via the projects market place.

I have not been using this project for long but number three on my favourites list and climbing fast is "THE DUSTLANDS". To my knowledge it is the only audio move to earn project around at the moment and surprisingly it is free to use. When you open an account with the project you are given access to a list of missions and a set amount of energy that replenishes on a daily basis. The energy is then used to collect DOSE tokens on the POLYGON network while you walk or run on a mission.

The missions typically last between fifteen and thirty minutes each and entail you walking or running while listening to the adventures of Sketchy Galore, Raven, Dustcap and other Charactors that inhabit the Dustlands. When embarking on missions you will not only collect DOSE tokens but also inventory items and distance badges that unlock later missions. Inventory items also allow you to create more wearable gear to help you navigate and survive the Dustlands while increasing the rate that you collect DOSE tokens.

I have to say that I find "THE DUSTLANDSS" app an immersive joy to use and as it's mechanics are based on distance travelled rather than walking or running at a constant speed it copes well with the constant stops and starts of dog walking.

Number two on my list is the "SWEAT ECONOMY" project. The project has a free to use and a paid for premium version that builds on the benefits of the free version. I did trial the paid for version for a while but reverted back to the free version as I think the paid for version is a little pricey for the extra benefits it provides.

Built on the NEAR blockchain the project works on a step count basis and has both a great easy to use app and wallet. In the free version your first 5000 steps every day are converted into SWEAT tokens. These tokens can be staked within the project's wallet and it is well worth doing so as your staked SWEAT not only earns high interest but unlocks prize draws, the more you stake the more prize draws are unlocked.

Along with SWEAT tokens your steps also earn you SWEATCOINS these are the currency for the projects in app offers and marketplace.

My number one favourite move to earn project has to be the "EZZY" project. Built on the BINANCE blockchain the EZZY project is quite unique and pays out in GEZY tokens. Yes, like many other projects you have to purchase a sneaker NFT to participate and the sneaker empowers you to earn for a set amount of time per day but that is where the similarities end.

Unlike other projects there is no maintenance of the purchased sneaker or leveling up and if you fail to walk or run for a day that earning time is not lost but rolls over into the next day. Alternatively, if it is too cold or wet to go outside and walk or run you can opt to play a simple game on your phone during the earning time instead to earn your GEZY Tokens.

The earning mechanics of the project are simple. Once purchased the sneaker lasts for exactly ten days then expires and you need to purchase a new sneaker to continue earning. However, as long as the ten day earning time is completed successfully the sneaker pays out a guaranteed amount that will pay for a replacement sneaker and give you a profit.

For example,

you purchase an Epic sneaker for 140,000 GEZY
the sneaker pays 15,680 GEZY per day
10 times 15,680 = 156,800 GEZY
after ten days you purchase a new Epic sneaker for 140,000 GEZY
you make a profit of 16,800 GEZY every ten days.

I hope you have found my thoughts informative and all have a great holiday period. If you have one too many mince pies and want to walk or run off the extra calories you will find the links to all projects listed below in the resources section.

Have a great holiday period.......



STEPN = STEPN website
Invite code = 89577774




EEZY = EZZY website
Invite code = 5DXJEKPmO

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