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By dupater | Crypto Gathering | 9 Apr 2022

Ellipal Titan WalletHi all, I've been away from the cryptoverse for a while. Have  though returned now refreshed and full of enthusiasm to do another spot of crypto gathering. 

So, first decision to be made is where am I going keep all those shiny new coins and tokens I'm going to be collecting?

Well, I could have gone with the hot wallet choices I went with last time such as the coinbase or stakeCube exchanges. After all, both proved to be useful and profitable to me in my previous crypto gathering adventures.

Yes it's tempting to go with what you know but where's your spirit of adventure? No, I've decided to cash in some of my old crypto treasures and buy the Ellipal Titan hardware wallet. So, is it worth the money? Let"s see, here are my findings. 

First things first, as soon as you take it out of the box the Ellipal Titan looks and feels like a quality product. But what's this? Along with the charging stand and memory card there's an unexpected and rather nice bonus packaged into the box. A thin, sleek, brushed steel, Ellipal branded pen. Just the job for writing down the 12 word recovery phrase. 

So it looks a nice piece of kit but is it any good under the hood? Well, after using the Titan for a while I have to say in my humble opinion yes, it is. 

The Titan has a large clear screen with a clutter free and intuitive interface. It supports all the main coins and tokens that I am ever likely to accumulate and works seamlessly in conjunction with the Ellipal app. Access to staking and numerous dapps is also provided via the app.

Working in conjunction with an app does not in any way put your Private keys at risk as the Ellipal Titan has air gapped security. It interacts solely with the Ellipal app by scanning QR codes. There is no Internet or Bluetooth connectivity built into the Titan wallet. This means that your private keys are kept safely within the Titan itself away from Internet and Bluetooth hackers. 

So bottom line, would I recommend using the Titan wallet? 

In short Yes, you can check out and purchase the Titan wallet from the Ellipal website. If you want to check out Coinbase or StakeCube use the links below. 

Have fun and enjoy your crypto gathering.... Peter






Stake Cube




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Crypto Gathering
Crypto Gathering

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