Locktrip the crypto Airbnbn

Locktrip the crypto Airbnb

By knohen | Cryyptonerd | 26 Jan 2020

Have you ever wanted to travel all over the world and pay your hotel room with cryptocurrencies? Well now you can book a room with 0% commissions over at locktrip.com!

LockTrip is a blockchain-based travel marketplace that allows users to save on average 20% on their bookings by cutting out middlemen. Every booking burns LOC proportionally to its booking value, continuously reducing its total supply.

Users can reportedly choose from more than 530,000 hotels and properties worldwide and book flights from the same interface. Users can book hotels with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Tether (USDT) to unlock additional discounts on their bookings.


Locktrip was released in early 2017 as an ICO back then it was called LocChain, I bought a bit of LOC at the ICO since it seemed like a good investment. Since then the performance of the company has been really well. I will definitely keep holding their coins and will try out their booking feature at my next vacation!



In this example I will look for a room in Paris.


The interface of their website is really modern and good looking. There are different options to look for specific hotels, or to sort them by rank, lowest or highest price.


In this case you can see that I found 1509 hotels for my desired conditions, sort by Rank.

Sort by Rank


Here’s an example if you sort by lowest price.


Sort by lowest price


Another great feature is the google maps widget, you can easily navigate around the city and see all the prices of the different rooms.

They are already planning to introduce flying tickets for Locktrip, at this point it will be even better than Airbnb in my opinion, as you get the same service for even less money!


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I started trading BTC and other cryptocurrencies in late 2017. Now i am exploring all the dapps and games crypto has to offer.


I started investing in BTC and other cryptocurrencies in late 2017. Now i am exploring all the dapps and games crypto has to offer. twitter: https://twitter.com/maxiknohen

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