My Crypto Heroes

A new blockchain mobile game!

By knohen | Cryyptonerd | 23 Jan 2020

My Crypto Heroes is probably the most underrated block chain game on the market right now. It might even be among the top 10 mobile games of 2020.

By playing the game you can turn your time into assets. Level up different heroes, items and extensions to create in game value, which can be traded on the marketplace. It reminds you of a classical turn based rpg, but this time it has a lot of great twists.

With a Market cap of 36,971.51 Ether, 2181 active users and 46,342 assets, My Crypto Heroes is the biggest crypto mobile game played on the Ethereum block chain.


Basic gameplay


This game is free to play,but to accumulate assets you either have to spend a lot of time, or money. But accumulating powerful items in My Crypto Heroes is definitely worth it. As you can continue to grind high lvl nodes for endgame items, or you can use your team of heroes to fight another player for money.

There are even tournaments and events where players can earn huge prices.




Here is a typical battle, your team consists of one hero at the front, one in the middle and one hero at the back. Fights are based on turns, each turn your heroes use their respective spell if they have enough agility, if not they will just rest and heal themselves for a bit.

By equipping different items on your heroes, you can change their spells. By combining the right items with the right heroes you can create devastating combinations.

There are different rarity’s of heroes, you always start with 3 normal ones which start at lvl 1. If you choose to play the game for free, you will first have to lvl up these champions to the max lvl(50), to start earning TOKU tokens. TOKU tokens can be used in the in game marketplace, or can be traded for Ether.

By using this Code: “Mrcp” you will get the Replica Hero “Brothers Grimm”(RepC) which is an already maxed (lvl 50) out hero. You can use Brothers Grimm to defeat stronger enemies, therefore getting better loot, but as Brothers Grimm are already maxed out you won’t be able to receive TOKU Treasure with this hero.


Don’t forget to download the app on your mobile phone!

If you don’t already have a wallet, just use Metamask. It’s easy to use.


I hope you liked my review!

Updates of my heroes will come shortly

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I started trading BTC and other cryptocurrencies in late 2017. Now i am exploring all the dapps and games crypto has to offer.


I started investing in BTC and other cryptocurrencies in late 2017. Now i am exploring all the dapps and games crypto has to offer. twitter:

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