Why You Should Love Doing Dishes

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 10 Apr 2019

I know I'm not that old that only I can love doing dishes. Maybe there are others out there that love doing dishes, too, that ain't so old.

But to Love doing dishes? Is that possible?

Doing dishes is a thinking game. 

1) You want time alone? Do dishes. Nobody else wants to.

2) You love to cook and eat the things you love the way you love to eat them? Do your dishes.

3) I may just be crazy, but I love feeding my family. So I do dishes.


I'm a guy.

Reared my only child, a daughter, alone.

One day she asked me "Why don't doing the dishes bother you?". 

Simple. I love my family. This is the first step in feeding my family.


For those that love to think about the WHYs of life, like why do you like this or that, think about dishes.

It's a rare find anyone loves doing dishes.

I think everyone should love doing dishes - and doing them right. No half-ast work.

Everything you love comes with a little of that which you do not love.

Find love in doing dishes. 


It is possible.


After all, it's Love. Not a burden.

If you are not finding the joy, the purpose, the reason in the little things like dishes ... you didn't find love just yet.

Think about WHY you do what you do.

Think about why you feel how you feel.

Where you told dishes are a bad thing?


If you don't like doing dishes, then is it okay I don't wash your plate?

Of course not. You will not feel loved nor appreciated if you get your food on a dirty plate.


So, go give a hug to the one(s) that do those dishes.

And just like my position on Crypto, HODL. 

Once it's gone, whatever that is, you're going to miss doing those dishes for the ones you loved.



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