This Mining Game PAYS!

This Mining Game PAYS!

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 7 May 2019

We're all aware there are scams all over the place trying to steal our hard earned BTC. Our TIME is just as valuable when we hit up the Faucets to earn a few Satoshis here and there.

So, one of the first things I like to do it hit the minimum withdrawl point and - WITHDRAWL!

And that's what I did with RollerCoin! And they paid! WOOHOO!

I love mining games - that aren't redicously time consuming. At Rollercoin it's very simplified.

Play some very short, very fun, retro styled games and earn HASHING POWER AND Satoshis!

With your Satoshis you can then buy mining equipment to increase the hashing power you made through the fun little games.

Even though I was "there" when the games RollerCoin emulates came out - I can't remember all their names. I do remember "Breakout"! That other game, the Space game? I'm not sure what the original version way back in the 1970's was called LOL

And there are other fun, simple and quick games to get your Hashing power up fast. 

So, if you love mining simulation games, RollerCoin is a MUST SEE!

Trust me, I didn't get THIS OLD and NOT learn a thing or two LOL

Give it a whirl and then come back and comment.





Crypto Pappy
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