The Zombie Crypto Apocalypse and You!

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 12 Jun 2019


There comes a day in every Crypto-Citizens life when you just have no clue WTHeck is going on. I've heard the lament of many crypto-citizens as I strolled through the labarynth of blockchains. Until one day ... it happened!

I seen the Zombie Crypto!

There it was, staring right at me!

And it wasn't alone!

Fearing all my caution was for naught, I ... I ... I clicked the dreaded link I KNEW was there ... there,  just waiting for me!

And here's what I seen ....




sorry, wrong horror pic!

Here ... The HORRIBLE Zombie know as Gwei (Nano ETH)!

*photo edited for privacy




I was afraid of this happeneing! Again! Coinbase supports ETH. Ummm, isn't this ETH? Isn't Publish0x ETH? What about 0x? I know Coinbase supports that?

I never did get my ETH out of my Publish0x coins I sent to Coinbase long ago. said to enter an ETH address. It still says it for all three coins ( or maybe they're tokens )!


The Zombie Crypto Apocalypse has begun!

Many, many people have lost coins/tokens/whatever!

Who cares about the guy who bought two pizzas way long ago! 

I want to know where all the LOST coins/tokens/whatever goes!



I doubt it will return, though, since nobody has a clue how to recover lost crypto! This is the ONE BIGGEST FLAW in the crypto-universe!


While you're waiting for them to fix the apocalypse, earn real BTC at Rollercoin! They pay, and pay well mind you ... and Coinbase can handle BTC  LOL



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