Talk about a Bull Run! NRG ON A MOONSHOT ! MARS SHOT!
Talk about a Bull Run! NRG ON A MOONSHOT ! MARS SHOT!

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 25 Jun 2019

Talk about a Bull Run! 


I'm getting old fast! Semi-retired fast, too! Tipping me DIA will help me reach retirement because I'm buying NRG ... maybe LOL


What is going on with NRG! 


Here's a screen shot of the Fantasy Cryptos' free game - with real cash winnings - that I'm playing.


I'm a real noob when it comes to trading, so the game is also a fun way to learn about other "coins". Remember, coins /tokens are really tech projects ... well, most of them anyway! LOL

Check out NRG's MOONSHOT in the screenshot below.


I'm Pappa_DQubed in the rankings below BTW. I'm Wilkin Wattz on Rollercoin BTW, but I'm ranked in the mid 3,000's because I've been busy watching the markets! IS KYC, from Canada. I won last week and they paid me today - so I bought more XRP and TRX, but that's another story.


Back to NRG


It's up 74.52% since the contest started Sunday night. 



That's no small patotoes! 

It's totally out pacing EVERY THING!

I think it may be out pacing itself ... this out to be interesting.

In the meantime, NRG IS helping me BIG TIME to win the trading contest !!!


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