Simple, Fun Mining Game - That Pays!

Simple, Fun Mining Game - That Pays!

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 20 May 2019


Having been in the computer profession for over 20 years, and being semi-retired, I have a lot of time to do research. For well over two years now I have been poking my big nose all around the web looking for decent opportunities to put a little Satoshi in the bank.

I'm doing the research and posting my findings because I simply have the time to help my fellow Crytpo-Crazy friend! And, I get annoyed when a site doesn't pay! 

RollerCoin PAYS!

It's Simple and Fun!

The minimum withdrawl of 10,000 Satoshies quite quickly.


The best parts are:

- Sparse Advertisements ( 2 or 3 a page )

- Fun, Quick games to build up your hashing power

- No Pop-Ups

- No Pop-Over

- No Pop-Unders

- No Secret Browser Mining

- No Wasted Time taking a "qualifying" surveys just to find out you don't fit the profile

- Quick Qithdrawls

- Low Withdrawl Threshold

- Nice, RELAXING FUN Games


You can also find other opportunities I have posted about by clicking on the link to my blog. 

Aside from other opportunities in my other post there is adivce and a little silliness along the way.


For now, check out RollerCoin. The links will open in a new tab so when you're finished having fun and building your mine, you can come right back here and see all the other goodies I posted for you all!



Crypto Pappy
Crypto Pappy

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