Hydroponic Crypto Not Giving Me a Buzz

Hydroponic Crypto Not Giving Me a Buzz

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 4 Apr 2019

Publish0x has implemented it's Hydro project. I own Hydro by the way.

I like a good laugh and somehow while thinking of Crypto - I was checking my coins - I got to my Hydro coins and my funny little head added Ponics! I could use a good Hydro right now. All done chopping wood for the day!

I meant I could use some good HydroPonics!

I digress.

I had been checking many different coins out and PotCoin was one. I do not own any and probably won't.

But here's the little story my mind put together to share. 


Marajunia legalization is being talked about, and implemented, all across the world! Canada legalized it. My slow-poke USA is getting around it it, thugh still illegal on the federal level. It is even in the dialog in Israel.

Why are governments changing their minds about one of God's creations? They want more money! No other reason. 

It was only put on Schedule 1 Drug status here in the USA in the early 70's - only to kill the rising tide of dissent!

Even Carl Sagen said it was stupid to put marijauna on the list as a Scehdule 1 - worst of the worst drugs.

40 odd years later and many lifes ruined by stupid government rules. Remember, alcohol has remained legal, though I have yet to have a bar fight in a Hooka Shop!

It's all about the money. Money they can not deposit in a Bank here in the USA.

That's history.

Now, back to the future.

One of my criteria for a crypto coin is its 'use case'. PotCoin, HempCoin and others want to fill this need but I'm not feeling it.

One of the other things that turns me off on what I will call "Hydro-ponic Crypto" is the need for ETFs ( Exchange Trader Funds). 

Another thing souring my smoke-stack is the sheer number of coins out there at the moment, literally thousands of crypto coins and tokens.

Being kinda old now, I seen this process many times in varying industries. 

You probably don't remember how many garment factories there were in the USA in the 60's. Garment factories are a rare find in the USA now adays. 

So, think of all these crypto-coins as garment factories. Which garment factory stock would you have purchased in the 60's. That wouldbe hard to say - probably the one you believe in.

I'm going to look a little deeper into HempCoin. Though the ETF part still sours my grapes.

So many coins! So little Time!


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