Enjincoin / Unity SDK Integration to Demo at Game Developer's Conference!

Enjincoin / Unity SDK Integration to Demo at Game Developer's Conference!

By Crypto Pappy | CrytpoConfucius | 12 Mar 2019

I love to programm games.

Specifically games made on the Unity SDK Platform!

I bought some Enjin Coin about a week ago because my initial impression was very good, given integration with the Unity SDK is not an easy task. Google has very tough rules if you want to be part of their Unity Platform.

In preperation for a seperate blog I am publishing here on Publish0x, where I will go over the WHYS and what-nots of my coin purchases, I was reviewing my coins.

I know the first coin I will be "reviewing" is going to be Enjin Coin, so I read a bit deeper and seen what I consider great news.

So, given this news - links below - I threw in a few more bucks.


Remember, this is not an endorsement of any kind! 

I just wanted to share my reasoning before the gaming convention on 14 MARCH.

Here's Enjin's website.

Here's the article I am speaking about that is making me shift a little bit of coin around.


Also on Enjin's website home page - of course I mean the day of this post, and another reason why I'm excited, there's an article on Enjin's partnering with the SENS Research Foundation. The medical field is a huge market, too!

The possibilities I see with Enjin are very encouraging.

Remember! I HODL! I'm in this for the long term. I do not and probably never will do short term speculation.

Also, see my take on AltCoins and what I mean when I say "a few more bucks" by visiting my "All Coins Are Not Created Equal" post.


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As always, have a good day! That's Always my plan!

Thank you!

Crypto Pappy


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